Sunday, July 22, 2012

Zero Meds, Zero Seizures, Thriving Dante: all with Helium

Dante has gained six pounds in the last three weeks.  He is running faster than ever, fooling around and laughing heartily.  He is pooping daily so he has no more rashes.  He is excited and loving life.  He is sleeping well.  He has been seizure free for 8 weeks and is not taking any medications.  Dante is thriving, God bless him.  Life at our house is completely different thanks to the Helium homeopathic remedy and the Modified Atkins for Seizures.

Dante enjoys Abuelo and Abuela, fresh off the plane from Puerto Rico
We are very happy to have Abuelo and Abuela visiting from Puerto Rico.  They could not believe how well Dante is doing.  My mom says he is a “different boy”.  They last saw him 7 months ago when he was having drop seizures.  We started using the Helium homeopathic remedy with Dante 2 months ago and the changes have been profound. 

Homeopathy works in such a deep manner, it is truly fascinating.  This is a summary of what’s happened after the Helium:  first we saw an immediate increase in Dante’s energy, then his seizures began to fluctuate and drop in number.  As his seizures decreased, his physical strength and coordination improved.  He stopped drooling.  He began to communicate his wishes better.  He became very curious about his environment and began to explore all the places he enjoyed before.  He became super loving and thankful and joyous.  He slept less as we weaned the last of the seizure medication and then his sleep normalized.  He ate better.  His bowel movements normalized.  He gained 6 pounds!  Every week I realize another aspect of Dante is improving, that has made us very optimistic. Every single indicator is of a healthier child. That is what we look for to determine whether a remedy is working or not.  I’m thinking Helium is working for Dante.

Dante with friends Juan & Nayra

A note about homeopathic aggravations

Those of us who have used homeopathy have probably experienced some type of aggravation after a dose of a homeopathic remedy.  I have observed both Dante and my husband become fussy or not-so-nice a few days into a remedy dose.  I myself often cry very easily for a few days, or have very vivid dreams.  Other types of aggravations may be rashes, a few loose bowel movements, some vomiting, etc. –basically some sort of physical or psychological release may be experienced.  The most common aggravations we’ve experienced in our home are moodiness, increased crying, vivid dreams, or a couple of loose BMs.   My homeopath has explained to me that the aggravation (although we don’t love it) is often a sign of the remedy acting deeply.  In order to soften an aggravation we may drop the remedy pellets into a glass filled about one-fourth with water and stir it several times.  The dose consists of a teaspoon of that water, which does not need to include the actual pellets.  Yes, it doesn’t make sense that this water should have healing powers – but I’m not questioning it since I’ve seen it work.  Remedies of the LM potencies, which come in liquid form instead of pellets, are also said to result in less aggravations.  Having said all this, aggravations do not happen to everyone or after every remedy dose, this varies a lot depending on the sensitivity of the individual and the particular remedy being used.

Dante, Nayra and Juan
My post is short as I want to do so much to enjoy our Summer with Abuelo, Abuela, and the new and improved Dante.  We thank God for guiding us in Dante’s healing and working this wonderful miracle.  I share our story with the faith that another family will also be benefit from our experience.

Here is a lot more detailed information about aggravations:


Janice said...

Oh, I'm so happy to hear that Dante is seizure-free and medication-free thanks to homeopathy and the Modified Atkins for seizures. That's wonderful, amazing news!!!!!!

Enjoy your time with your mom and dad!! Have a great summer!!!

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for staying in touch, Janice, it means so much to me to hear from you! Have a blessed Summer with your family!