Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thimerosal Clearing turns Dante's hands "ON"

Dante holds the pony's reins!
We have had a little bit of everything this Summer:  one homeopathic clearing, losing molars, getting Ringworm, detox, constipation, and last but certainly not least, grand-mal seizures.

Dante’s seizures had stopped last May 28, 2012, and I was sure hoping and praying for the same pattern this year.  No such luck.  Despite that, my main goal for the Summer was for Dante to begin using his hands more as this is a huge limitation for him.  Not that the gods would grant that wish directly, though!  We’ve gone through so much to get some of that progress.  Oh, but progress we are seeing!!!!  I will summarize with the hope that someone out there can gain some wisdom from our experience…

Eliminating Miralax:  Dante was in a relatively good place by the end of the school year.  I decided that I would like to replace his daily dose of Miralax for something natural, since I have no idea whether the Miralax is causing any harm.  He has taken Miralax every day for over a year since the Modified Atkins for Seizures diet causes constipation. 

Well, our pediatrician recommended mineral oil, which I went and bought right away.  However, he stated, it does cause the body to not absorb vitamins.  Hmmm.  Like Dante needs that.  I later decided to ask our homeopath for a recommendation.  He said, why don’t you try Flax Seed Oil instead of Mineral Oil.  Flax Seed Oil doesn’t compete with vitamin absorption.  Long story short:  too much Flax Seed Oil (2 teaspoons within a 12 hour period) caused Dante to have grand-mal seizures.  I eventually arrived at ¾ tsp per day and he is going to the bathroom pretty regularly without any grand-mals.  Adios, Miralax!

Losing Molars:  This may be coincidence but I have found that the couple of days before or after losing a molar, Dante has a grand-mal seizure.  He has lost three molars so far this Summer and NOW I look back at my calendar and see the correlation.  Very weird, but I understand there are numerous homeopathic remedies that include the symptom “convulsions with dentition”.  We’ll have to explore those soon.

Ringworm:  Dante caught the fungus Ringworm from a classmate at the end of the school year.  I didn’t know what it was but through the years I’ve had to learn a lot about fungus.  Our pediatrician prescribed an anti-fungal medication, of which Dante has had his share.  I don’t want to remember how weak and horribly in pain he was when we used anti-fungals with him.  So I dreaded using the medication. 

I remembered our old stand-by, Oil of Oregano.  Hmmm – that could be a milder road to recovery.  Long story short:  Instead of the medication, I diluted 1 part Oil of Oregano to 6 parts olive oil and applied that with a cotton ball to his fungus at night (I didn’t want him scratching it and putting any of that strong oil in his eye).  When I skipped it for about three days, the fungus got out of control (BAD IDEA).  I had to become religious about applying the diluted oil of oregano and within a week, the fungus was gone. If you see a band-aid on Dante’s forehead in the pictures, imagine a super ugly fungus right behind it and you’ll get the picture of what we battled.  And won.

Sol Remedy:  In late May we moved to a stronger potency of Dante’s constitutional remedy, Sol.  It does frustrate me that this hasn’t stopped his seizures, but the Sol has brought so many other good things.  Everyone who works with Dante agrees that he has been so much happier, engaged, and easy to work with this year as opposed to last.  That is a good thing.  My notes show that he had many head-banging tantrums last Summer.  This Summer he has this belly laugh that sends his horseback riding “walker” and his camp aide rolling with laughter.  That is good!  The Sol has made him very sunny. 
Clearing Thimerosal:  Last but not least, I thought clearing a toxic component of vaccines (still found in the influenza vaccine) may be very helpful for Dante.  As I review my notes in detail I am thrilled to find that many of Dante’s recent improvements began with this clearing.  Here are my observations:

  • We began this clearing in late April and three days later Dante got a “cold”, lots of runny nose and congestion.  This is a clear sign of detox from remedies so I took it as a good sign. 
  • He also woke up crying a couple of mornings, which is not usual for him.  Another night he was up crying around 3-4am.
  • For several days he would have pain during meals, followed by toxic BM’s soon enough.
  • On days of aggravation he would Head-bang during his bus ride

Good Things:
  • HANDS, HANDS, HANDS!  YEAY!  After this clearing Dante has been using his hands A LOT.  There are different ways in which he has shown more dexterity:
  • using hands and arms in a typical way such as  hugging wrapping his whole arms around his teacher with his hands open,
  • Raising arms, stretching with arms up
  • playing with his toes with much finger dexterity,
  • keeping hands open for clapping games with mom,
  • picking up toys to play,
  • playing the tambourine,
  • playing with and holding the horse reins
  • Paying attention, following requests
  • Looking up at birds outside
  • Good energy!
  • Many and different words
  • Using words not just to request, but as an observation of his experience.  For example, as we were in the car wash he looked up through the sun roof at the water sprays and said “Agua!”

Dante thrilled at the car wash, watching the water sprays go around: "Agua!"
The greatest and most incredible improvement that has come after all this is that Dante has been playing (handling!) with his toys for up to one and a half hours since we did this clearing, and that ability has continued!

Dante, focused.


Janice said...

Hi Mari:

I love hearing your updates. You are learning soooo much and your blog posts have so much great wisdom in them for other parents. I love your use of oil of oregano to treat ringworm, and the fact that you found the perfect balance of the flax seed oil to eliminate Miralax (and also avoid grand-mal seizures).

So wonderful to hear about Dante using his hands more (especially since that was your main goal for this summer) as a result of the homeopathic clearing.

So good to hear. Wishing Dante continued healing and wishing you all a great summer.

Mom Connected said...

Thank you for all your feedback, Janice, and for all your good wishes! Wishing many good things for Moses as well!