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The Tale of Desperaux

Amy reads The Tale of Desperaux.
Dante signs MORE because she reached the end of a chapter.
Last weekend Amy was reading The Tale of Desperaux to Dante.  It is a long chapter book with big words such as “Chiaroscuro” and “dungeon”, which I’m pretty sure Dante has never heard.   Dante delighted us as he signed “MORE” every time Amy stopped when she reached the end of a chapter.  They stopped reading after 142 pages not because Dante stopped listening, but because Amy's throat dried up!  That’s the longest and most complicated book my son has paid attention to.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!

About Earth and Worms:  On my last post I detailed the long and winding road we have been on that eventually led us to find Kerri Rivera’s protocol for autism.  A few weeks prior to learning about Kerri, I had learned about Diatomaceous Earth (DE). We started giving it to Dante for his constipation.  Weeks later, reading Kerri’s book, I learned that DE helps to kill parasites and that parasites cause seizures:

Diatomaceous earth…properly ground, [is] harmful to parasites, fungi, yeast, worms, and amoebas.
In a presentation by Andreas Kalcker, he stated that high levels of ammonia in the body can cause seizures and the high levels of ammonia in the body come from parasites.

This relationship between parasites and seizures is completely new to me.  What a welcome surprise to find that DE helps to kill parasites! Interestingly enough, four weeks after starting to give Dante DE, his quick nod seizures stopped (he could have up to 30 in a day).  This is a HUGE victory as Dante is most at risk from a sudden fall due to a nod.  The work is not done, however, as he may still have grand-mal seizures.  Here's our latest update...
Kerri Rivera’s Protocol: 

We began Kerri Rivera’s protocol on September 20th.  The protocol uses highly diluted doses of Chlorine Dioxide to

…destroy viruses, bacteria, candida, and other parasites.  CD also neutralizes heavy metals, eliminates biofilm, and reduces inflammation and allergies…

The protocol has evolved as Kerri learns from the experiences of hundreds of different children.  On top of CD, it also includes a parasite protocol developed by Andreas Kalcker, plus the use of CD enemas and baths to continually flush the system from all the waste – otherwise the body re-absorbs it, making the healing process less effective.

Daily dosing of CD begins at 1 drop of CD diluted in 8 ounces of water, and most children increase this dose by a drop a day until they reach their recommended dose.  Because CD is only active in the body for one hour, most healing is obtained if you dose the child every hour with 1 ounce of the solution, that way you have CD in the body for most of the day.  CD kills by oxidation, therefore, anti-oxidants should be avoided as they counteract it (fruit juices, citrus fruits, vitamin C, mango, kiwi, and pineapple are some of the things that should not be used at all while on CD).

As pathogens are killed, CD baths are used and usually result in the children having a BM.  CD enemas are used to flush out the intestines after a BM (or if the child is constipated).  The children often become so happy and calm after an enema.  When you see the worms that come out with the water, you understand why!  That was inside your child harming him!

The cherry on top of Kerri’s protocol are the parasite protocols (PP), done around the Full Moon or the New Moon for some children.  During these days, a selection of anti-parasitic stuff is given to the children and that’s when tons of worms and gunk (biofilm, etc.) come out.  Many children show the most healing after PPs.

The benefits:  Most children begin the protocol and ramp up on CD relatively quickly.  Then they begin with the PPs and the changes are dramatic.  All children experience some level of detox reaction, and the parents need to adjust what they are doing to help them along.  The gains are measured using the ATEC score.  Parents wait an average of 3 months to retake the ATEC and check the gains of their child.  Kerri’s book states:

Through some of our facebook groups we have been collecting ATEC data for the past year.  Just to give you an idea of what other are experiencing in terms of test results, here are some statistics:

…The average drop between ATEC1 and ATEC5, from a field of 28 children was 30 points.  The average time between those ATEC’s was 12 months.  The average drop between those 2 ATECS if the child started at over 100 points was 73 (only 3 children who started over 100 have done 5 ATEC’s for us).

Dante’s starting ATEC was 99.  That is a lot of autism symptoms to heal!  Think about it, if he were to drop 73 points that is almost a 75% improvement – sounds good to me!  There are children who have started at a higher score than Dante and now have an ATEC below 10, which is considered recovered.  That, my friends, is measurable HOPE.  :-)

From what Dante’s neurologist and Kerri have observed, it seems that my darling son is full of worms.  Worms started coming out with very low doses of CD.  He’s also had a hard detox days with a couple of grand-mal seizures (though no nod seizures) and vomiting.  (Many children actually vomit worm gunk out!).  Dante’s reaction to the CD has been very strong, so we have had to go super slow. 

Approach for Dante:  Per Kerri’s advice (she does phone consultations), we switched to use CDS (a different approach to make CD) which should make it more tolerable.  At the same time, Kerri suggested we use the parasite protocol stuff every day, but first testing each one separately and little by little.  That way, we can kill parasites every day instead of waiting to do it only on their pilgrimage days (Full and New Moon).  We have also added MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides oil, which helps with seizures) and are about to start GABA, to also help with the seizures.  Basically, we’re adding a few supplements to help control the seizures.  From the other side, we’re going to chip away at the parasites continuously, until the seizures they cause are no longer a problem.  Make sense?

After making the adjustments above, we went 16 days without any grand-mals.  That’s the longest we have gone without grand-mals, counting the months before the protocol.  Today is another day of detox:  Dante’s had 2 grand-mals and threw up.  He is now resting.  Hopefully he will be fine later today and that will be the end of this detox day.  We will see as we fine-tune the process.

And back to the Tale:  Dante relaxed the more Amy read to him from The Tale of Desperaux.  He laid back and caressed his stomach while he listened.  Isn’t that a wonderful life?  My son is relaxed and focused on something he loves.  It’s a wonderful thing.


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