Sunday, September 18, 2011

What have we accomplished?

Dante on the pony, last week
This week has been mixed, with Dante performing well in school while having detox symptoms, plus the seizures also continue.  I don’t have many details from school because the teacher did not have time to write me, but she did say “lots of work today” and that there were “many reasons to celebrate”.  I wish I had more details!

Right now we are trying Dante’s constitutional remedy, Lycopodium Clavatum 1M, to see if it helps decrease the seizures.  We will have to wait and see.

I know Dante has been detoxing after completing the Prevnar clearing:  he is eating less, drinking lots, peeing more, drooling again (this had stopped and I hope it’s only temporary), and has darker circles under his eyes.  However, it is amazing how much better he is coping during this period.  This used to be horrible before we did the vaccine clearings and now Dante is much more tolerant while he is detoxing. 

With that in mind I thought I would do a pause and recount the lasting improvements Dante has had since we started the vaccine clearings in January 2011.  This sort of review is what keeps me motivated to continue!

+ Tolerating more foods!  We’ve definitely been able to expand his diet considerably after clearing the MMR vaccine
+ Gut is improving, Dante stopped needing Motrin (which he would take once or more per week for tummy aches)
+ Stomach is not distended!
+ Feet not smelly! (they used to stink!)

+ Considerable reduction in his headbanging – this now seldom happens, unbelievable!!!
+ Dante is seldom crashing into me or headbanging me on the back.
+ He responds immediately when called!
+ Awesome behavior, able to sit and watch TV
+ Much calmer than usual, patient, and tolerant
+ Very connected, loving and communicative.

+ Staying close when in public places!
+ More climbing and using his gross motor more
+ Attempting to use his fine motor skills more

+ Enjoying more complex books
+ Enjoying new and different DVD's!
+ Requesting Work!  Interested in being challenged, wants to play with letters and numbers
+ Longer attention span!!!
+- Recognizes doctors’ offices and medicines – dislikes both!

+ Awesome sleep! No more nighttime wakings!
Calmly watching TV with cousin Mariana in Puerto Rico

+ Good eye contact and consistently improved eye alignment
+ Looking at everything with more interest

+ Great initiative shown at pool
+ Report from school for most days was “Great Working today!”
+ Many Great Days overall

+ Drooling is greatly reduced!
+ Appropriate words continue when not aggravated
+ Requesting preferred music: Beatles over more childish Raffi songs!
+ Laughing when being naughty and reprimanded
+ Very Happy
+ Fast healing of any bruises

+ Overall non-verbal communication is very good, he’s looking into my eyes and smiling with much more connection and understanding
+ Saw me from school bus and threw kisses goodbye – now does it every day
+ Mouth is closed more often and there is very little drooling
+ More frequently letting me know he is ready to go to sleep or he needs to go potty
+ Better at letting me know what is hurting him
+ Super happy and energetic

I must say that many things are unbelievably better.  Even my husband, who is always the skeptic, said to me today, “You know Dante is not headbanging anymore, so why is he hitting my movie poster with his head?” (that got Dante in trouble).  My point is, even my husband has noticed that Dante has improved!  Having said that, the boy is by no means “out of the woods”.  We still have a lot of work to do.

The one negative that we are struggling with are the seizures.  Still, I would rather have Dante the way he is now, so content and so much more connected, even with the seizures he’s having.  But we pray that those will go away very soon. Please keep Dante in your prayers…


Lucy alonso said...

Yay, yay, yay :) I love that long lists of improvements! Keep healing little man, tia Lucy is praying for you always. That MMR sure did a number on our boys huh? But thank god for CEASE therapy, now our boys eat much more and no more tummy aches! Hooray and amen to that and for all the new firsts we're sure to see. You know sometimes as we drive around or just sitting at home I think to myself " where will we be in a year or two from now?" than I sit there I wish I could either fast forward time or rewind it, which would I pick? I would fast forward so Alex Kyle be completely healed and we could enjoy life to te fullest, then I think rewinding it would be amazing cause I could prevent and take away all the pain and offering his been through, all the tears and pain, the heartache, everything. Than I think how much this has changed our lives and all the wonderful mothers I've met along the way, all the growing we've done, it's such so hard to decide, but ultimately I thank god for life, for all the healing Alex and Dante and so many other children have made and just keep praying for more. Our boys are not out of the woods as you say but they are for sure closer to seeing the light!

Anonymous said...

The MMR homeopahtic nosode has been a hit here with our two little boys. We have here the 1M to star with that potency and I'm a little bit scared of the aggravations...but it is sure amazing what comes after them...I hope Dante keeps heeling!

Mom Connected said...

Wow! I'm so glad to hear you're seeing the benefits of the MMR. Along with Lucy's comments above, you may want to read this:

Please return and let us know how the Boys are doing!