Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dante!

Dante's cake, masterfully done by his babysitter, Johanna
My dear son turned eight this past Friday.  He was the happiest little boy and the prince at his school for a day.  I am so happy that was the case, as I think he deserved the most wonderful birthday celebration.  Dante has gone through so many improvements these last few months, and such a rough patch lately, that I deeply wished for a special day that was just about him.  Dante was so excited he got up earlier than usual.  I sang Happy Birthday to him many times and sent the Dr. Seuss book, Happy Birthday to You! in his bookbag with a note for the teacher to read if she had the chance.  Dante's day turned out much better than I would ever had hoped for.  Here’s the note from his teacher:

Dante had an awesome day.  He was in an excellent mood all day.  We went for a walk around the school this morning so people could sign his shirt.  He really wanted to go outside so our class spent most of the morning outside running and swinging; what fun!  Dante’s name was on morning announcements and they sang Happy Birthday.  He even got to have an extra swim time today.  He loved it!  We read the book, it was such an awesome day.  I’m so glad he’s in my class this year.
Birthday shirt for Dante

I can’t be more thankful to his teacher, Ms. Joan, for being so wonderfully in touch with the five boys in her class.  Ms. Joan “gets” the kids and gets the best out of them in the most respectful manner.  I am very impressed with her. The boys are very lucky to have her and Shelley, her helper.  These two ladies have a super effective partnership for the benefit of their special kids.

At home the next day we also had a cake for Dante and a celebration with his closest friends.  He enjoyed his party but was so exhausted from the week and the previous day at school that he had to go down for a nap mid-party.  Oh, well, he can’t say he didn’t have “days of festivities” in his honor!

The book they read
This week Dante has been ramping up on his new seizure medication, Topamax, and the seizures actually went up.  I am hoping this weekend the trend is actually downward, but I have yet to confirm that.  Ms. Joan told me the other day that Dante has a great sense of humor and laughs at jokes between her and Shelley.  Ms. Joan is really enjoying Dante’s emerging personality.  So am I.  I am so proud of the joy Dante has, despite the ups and downs he has been through.  He is an awesome joyful and loving little boy and I pray continuously that he may heal and be safe and well. 

A moment from the Birthday celebration


Janice said...

Wishing Dante a happy birthday. So glad to hear that he had a great day. Take good care.

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much, Janice! Your wishes will be very well received!

Lucia Alonso said...

Feliz cumpleanos a ti, te deceamos Feliz cumpleanos Dante, Happy Birthday to You!!! OMG felicidades chaparro lindo, te manda un abrazote tu tia Lucy, Alex y Julie! Que cumplas muchos, muchos, mas!