Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zero Seizures

I can’t believe I’m writing this.  It was last June 2011 when Dante started having falls for no apparent reason and leaving us puzzled.  What a hard year this has been.  We have been tried.  Even Dante has some gray hairs coming out!  This past week, the last of May 2012, Dante had no seizures:  Zip, Zero, Nothing.  Praise the Lord!

I feel it was a combination of things that did the trick.  The Helium homeopathic remedy ("He" on the chart below) helped him to detox some and gave him strength and energy.  The Quinton Isotonic ("Q" on the chart) seems to have strengthened his gut.  He was finally able to tolerate more coconut oil.  Increased coconut oil made him eat better.  It also made it easier for the Modified Atkins Diet  he’s on to do what it meant to do all along:  burn fat for energy.  The number of seizures per day started to go down at a steady rate and Voilà! We are finally down to zero! 

The graph above shows the number of seizures Dante had per day since we started the Modified Atkins Diet for seizures this past February.  Some of these were quick “nods”, others were strong enough to have him fall down, and many left him extremely weak.  Check out how the graph “flat lines” for last week, Unbelievable!

Right now Dante is taking a minimal amount of Keppra medication only (2ml/day), and you can see on the graph how reducing the medication ("Med") while on the MAD diet actually coincided with a decrease in seizures.  But in April we reached a plateau, nothing was really changing.  That's when we brought in the "big guns":  homeopathy (Lycopodium, followed by Helium), Quinton Isotonic, and Coconut Oil.  Success may have come sooner if Dante had not been so sensitive to the incredible source of fat that is coconut oil.  I needed something that would help him tolerate it.  I think the Helium homeopathic remedy and the Quinton Isotonic prepared him to better receive the coconut oil.

This diet is pretty amazing, although I can’t say it is easy.  We’re still having a lot of problems with constipation.  I do know for a fact that Dante is eating very healthy foods:  organic meats, fish, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut water, fresh water, and lots of vegetables. 

We’re still in a bit of a shock about this drastic change in Dante’s quality of life.  This past week was surreal.  The note from school on Wednesday read, "Another Stellar Day!"  We are so thankful, so, so thankful.  The many prayers are being heard and we appreciate every single one.  The work is not over, though. This is one victory that strengthens us for the continued journey to consistent health.

Thank you so much for reading and for supporting our sweet Dante.

Happy Sunday!!!


Janice said...

Oh, wow -- this is absolutely amazing news. Praise God! Wow, wow, wow!!! So happy for Dante and your whole family. You've worked so hard in finding different things to help Dante. So happy to hear that this magic combination has helped him. So amazing!!! Wishing Dante continued health and healing.

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for your support during this time, Janice! You know, I call this our healthy "cocktail" for Dante, ever since I've noticed that drug companies are now touting the drugs you are supposed to "add on" to other drugs to actually make them work. So the MAD diet + Homeopathy + Quinton Isotonic = success in our case!

Lucia Alonso said...

Yay :) I still remember when I got your call about this! You ao made my day. Go Dante, keep healing my dear boy, keep healing!