Friday, July 8, 2011

Trying to ride the big wave

The Great Wave off Kanagawa, by Hokusai
I am very thankful to have tried homeopathy for myself.  As we go through this healing process with Dante, I need all the patience and grace I can scrape up, and that is what homeopathy helps me have.  The way I think of it is that when I am facing this gigantic stressful wave, homeopathy helps me ride the wave instead of sink within it.  It helps me stay afloat, above the dark depths of depression.

At this point in time my husband and I feel like we’re navigating a huge gigantic wave and trying to keep Dante and ourselves inside our tiny boat.  We are trying to not flip over!  My remedy and my husband’s remedy are working.  We have actually had some very good moments throughout this stressful period.

Dante enjoys time with our friend, John
What is happening is that two weeks ago I noticed that Dante was tumbling and falling.  He doesn’t fall usually, so it did not make sense to me.  I had put new sandals on him and decided to switch back to his smaller ones to see if the sandals were causing him to trip.  The falls continued, each as unexpected as the last.  After a week Dante had band-aids on his knees, on one elbow, and a bump or two on his head.  Then a week ago I noticed that his head would tip down to his chest and then he would fall on his bottom.  My husband and I thought it was a different type of seizure – quick, but ending with a fall.

The stress of this past week is what to do about this situation.  I’ve read a lot about seizures and re-read a previous post that is evidence of how critical Dante's supplements are to him.  He has been pushing away his vitamins lately, which is a sign that he’s more aware of things he doesn’t like, but it has meant that his usual supply of minerals hasn’t been met.  A few days ago Dante got the full dose of minerals he should get and I noticed a decrease in the seizures.  That was so welcome!  I am being very careful to give him his minerals but still, he’s had some staring episodes and a few of the falls.

Dante’s neurologist recommended an EEG to confirm what was happening, followed by a potential increase or change to his medication.  Dante’s last EEG was so traumatic that I would like to postpone that until it is strictly necessary.  The doctor agreed to a slight increase in his medication to see if that helps.

Coincidentally, this week we tried a therapy that I have delayed for years, due to cost and logistics:  the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  There are children with seizures who have benefitted from this therapy and I was very interested in trying it out for Dante.  No one can say for sure how this will help Dante, but based on his autism doctor’s recommendation, I would like to try this approach and see if it helps decrease Dante’s seizures (or helps him in some other way).  I hope that timing for this therapy is perfect for Dante, seeing what we are going through at this moment.  Time will tell.

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber helps detoxify the body and heal tissue, among many other things.  Because of this, I did not feel it would conflict with the continuation of the vaccine clearings.  I pray that it actually helps during this process.  I already noticed how much faster Dante's scrapes heal! 

I ask that you keep Dante in your prayers so that this tough phase passes soon.  Yannick Smits -  from the CEASE organization posted a reassuring comment stating that the MMR clearing is most of the time the roughest to detox.  To me that is a sign of how destructive this vaccine is.  I pray that its imprint is lifted from my son very gently and effectively.  I also pray that all affected families find their way to stay afloat during this journey to health.

Interesting Reading:  Study on Hyperbaric Chamber for Children with Autism


Lucy alonso said...

Clearings sure are hard, but always remember that changes and even aggravations mean the remedy is working! Alex went through some ugly and very scary things going through the dtap clearing, so I know exactly how scary the process can be. Hang in there my dear friend, it's because if your perseverance and will power that Dante will make it through this.

We saw great improvements with the MMR clear and I will pray that Dante's tummy heals as well as Alexs tummy did. Sending lots of huge hugs and kisses your way!

Mom Connected said...

Thank you, Lucy, a healed tummy would be the perfect blessing after all this time! I deeply appreciate your support and prayers!