Sunday, August 26, 2012

Are parasites a key to preventing Autism in the Future?

Dante, "chillaxing" at the pool yesterday
I just finished reading a fascinating article about the connection between inflammation and not only Autism, but many other diseases of the day.  It seems that inflammation during pregnancy is linked with autism in the offspring.  But what is causing the increase in so many inflammatory diseases these days?  The author argues that the elimination of typical parasites once found in our bodies leaves us exposed because, lo and behold, we used to depend on these little guys to help us fight off inflammation. WOW. 
Read the amazing details here:

Back to the DTaP:

After more than one year without doing any vaccine clearings I am happy to report that we are re-starting the process.  We are starting a second DTaP clearing (we did it back in February 2011 as well).  This time around, I am dilluting the remedy (which I get from Helios in the UK) twice to reduce aggravations. 

Dante had the 200c on Friday and has had an awesome weekend so far.  He has been super happy, loving, and connected.  Also very aware of his environment and communicating his needs promptly.  Yesterday he got out of the pool and casually walked over to where our towels were and sat down.  I usually have to hold his hand to make sure he doesn't wander off.  It was pretty neat to see how he needed no direction this time.  He had a loose bowel movement last night; I would say that has been the extent of his aggravations so far.  That will probably change as we move to the higher potencies, but I hope it goes smoothly.

This week we mark Dante's third month seizure-free.  Praise God!  Dante is running safely and with the best coordination and energy he's ever had.  I am no longer fearful of granite countertops or concrete pavement!  He has gained 9 pounds in the last month and a half.  My son is thriving and free like I prayed so hard he would be.  Many blessings to all who are in are in a journey parallel to ours! 


Janice said...

So happy to hear that Dante is continuing to thrive. Praise God. Thanks also for sending prayers our way. Moses is doing well and tomorrow night is his last night of IV antibiotics.

Yay, yay, yay!!


Mom Connected said...

Say, Janice! I really wanted your opinion on the article I mention here. Since it talked about the immune system, I obviously thought about Moses. I was wondering if you had read anything like it before...