Monday, September 17, 2012


Great Weekend.  Enough to motivate me to post again and (hopefully) motivate others to keep their quest for health going.  Whenever I hold off on posting it’s because I’m waiting to see a significant-enough shift in Dante that is actually post-worthy.  I want to peel back another layer and be able to share it with others.  I want to share a new lesson.  When I feel nothing is shifting, I tend to not post.  So what is new?

Baby, you can drive my car!

Well, the school year has started, for one thing.  And I actually feel like my quality of life is better so far this school year!  Although we’re getting up much earlier, Dante has had pretty good mornings so far and I’ve been able to get to work right around 8:30am – which is unheard of for me (reason why I have a “part-time” schedule).  Less stressful mornings – that is definitely a sign of progress in our home.  I believe changing Dante to our more aggressive homeopath has really set us in a new and very positive path, and easier mornings are one example of that.

At last I have lately felt what our previous homeopath had talked about:  Less Wear and Tear for us.  I am infinitely thankful.
The first thing we did with this new homeopath was change from the Lycopodium remedy Dante was on for years to Helium.  Those of you who have read my previous posts know that Dante’s 11 months of drop seizures miraculously stopped less than 2 weeks into that new remedy.  Seizures are not easy to treat, so I label that a miracle in our life.  Although Dante continues on the Modified Atkins for Seizures, he is eating very healthy, with lots of vegetables and healthy fats – enough to say that we have not needed to keep the diet super strict for him to continue seizure-free. 

In my opinion, special needs kids need aggressive homeopathic intervention.  “Wait and See” is all good and fair, but these kids are losing precious learning time while they deal with their delays and sensitivities.  I am all for using a remedy until it is showing no more signs of benefit.  I have seen this in myself as well, when a remedy stops working and we need to search for the next one that will work with my current state.  So it is for our kids.  Dante was on the same constitutional remedy for over a year without significant improvements, except what he got from the vaccine clearings.  I now believe there is a better way.  I speak with Dante’s new homeopath about every 2 weeks at least, to make any adjustments and keep things moving forward.

Enjoying Tío Daniel's visit last weekend
Last week I reported to our homeopath that Dante was doing very well after the DTaP 200c clearing (see a summary of benefits here).  He’s had 2 doses of that and his week after has been awesome.  We are spacing the doses out to reduce any aggravation during school days, so he is usually dosed on Friday morning and has the worst aggravation by Sunday.  The DTaP remedy is for detoxing, however, and is not necessarily meant to support Dante’s whole being or “constitution”. Helium was no longer moving Dante forward.  Lately, after the Helium dose, Dante would have more difficult mornings and would not show much improvement.  Our homeopath decided to switch Dante from Helium to Sol (Sun), his new constitutional remedy.  Dante has been on his new constitutional remedy for 3 days now, so I’m not ready for a full report.  So far, however, the shift seems positive and that is reassuring. 

This school year we are very focused on Dante’s communication and the use of his hands.  He is constantly using his PECs to communicate, sort of like a small child who won’t shut up, only Dante is handing you little PECs constantly.  His words have not returned yet to their previous peak, but we’re working hard for that to happen as well.  He also has a new sensory diet, or schedule of sensory therapy, throughout his school day.  That is focused on getting his hands to work.  This seems to be having an impact because yesterday when we went to the grocery store, Dante was able to help me push the cart for the whole store.  This is a first, as Dante would only hold on to the handle for a few seconds at a time.  Good Job, Dante!

PECs:  Picture Exchange Communication System
I take notes on how Dante is doing every day.  I summarize my notes on a month’s calendar that includes his homeopathic doses and any ups and downs.  I review this data about once a week to decide if things are moving forward.  I discuss it with our homeopath to establish next steps.  Notes and data are crucial for a complicated case like my son, and it keeps one more objective about what is happening.  My MD brother once told me, "Family is the expert on the patient, I am the expert on the treatment."  Parents need to be the experts on their kids, and they need to bring this expertise to the doctor or homeopath for guidance.  It is a partnership that depends on the parents’ observations and the doctor’s critical thinking.  The more you give the doctor or homeopath, the better choices they can make for your kids.




Janice said...

I am always sooo happy to that Dante is doing so well!!! Sounds like you are working with a great homeopath.

I completely agree with you here....
"Parents need to be the experts on their kids, and they need to bring this expertise to the doctor or homeopath for guidance. It is a partnership that depends on the parents’ observations and the doctor’s critical thinking."

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much, Janice!!! I see Moses is also doing well - YEAY! You know, it pays to be a scientist or a process engineer for children like ours. Lord knows we need to gather some serious data!!!

I wish you the best with all your interesting trips coming up. Hugs!