Sunday, December 2, 2012

DTaP Detox Days

The good times came to a screeching halt last weekend, about a week after Dante got his DTaP 10M dose.  I thought at first that Dante was upset because he had a permanent molar coming out, but his discomfort suggested that it was more than that. It had been over a year since we had strong detox from a vaccine clearing, so I didn’t recognize the signs at first.  There is one tell-tale sign, though:  Motrin doesn’t help Dante if he’s detoxing.  So if I give Dante Motrin and he’s still very uncomfortable…it may be that he is detoxing.  Ugh!

We all need a break!
Here are the typical detox signs in Dante:

·         Wakes up crying with hunger
·         Very thirsty, drinking constantly
·         Head-butting me when hungry or tired
·         Taking food out of mouth (sensitivity, maybe?)
·         Drooling, chewing shirt
·         Darker circles around his eyes than usual
·         Yeasty bowel movements, irritated enough to need Desitin
·         Bright red cheeks for a few days
·         The classic symptom for Dante in Detox:  tantrum mid-breakfast

What is nice, however, is that the symptoms were not as continuous this time as when we had detox before.  That gave me a little time to recover to help him get through the day.  He had many periods of good behavior, but I definitely had to be on my toes when he did not feel well. 

Detox and Seizures:

Dante’s worst seizures have always occurred right around a detoxing period.  Soon after I realized he was going through this again, I was obviously very worried.  I prayed lots that God would protect him this time around and help me take care of him well.  So far, he’s been ok.  Here are some lessons of what has worked to help Dante through his detox safely.  This will help pretty much anyone detoxing, and also prevent seizures during this time.

·         Epsom bath – this is always my first line of attack.  If Dante tantrums during breakfast and seems to be in pain, we head straight to the bath.  The minerals in the salt are absorbed through the skin.  I think this helps re-hydrate during this phase which is usually quite dehydrating.  I have found that taking minerals is crucial to get through detox.  The typical milk carton containers of Epsom salt bring 4 pounds.  I usually pour about 1/3 of the carton into Dante’s warm bath, and have him stay there at least 20 minutes.  He usually comes out feeling much better and more tolerant.
·         Coconut water – Pure coconut water has a ton of electrolytes so it is very hydrating as well.  It has a lot of carbs (which is not good for seizures, because you want the body to burn fat instead of glucose to get its energy), so I mix a little bit in Dante’s water.
o   A low-cost alternative is to make your own electrolyte drink.  See recipe here.

·         Coconut oil – This is crucial for preventing seizures.  This medium-chain triglyceride converts quickly into energy and in doing that, prevents seizures.  It works faster than any other type of fat so at any sign of dehydration, weakness, or anything that reminds me of seizures; I give Dante several “coconut candies”.  That is coconut oil sweetened with Stevia and cut into tiny pieces (kept in the refrigerator).  This has been super effective in keeping Dante safe this time around!  Yeay!
·         Chicken bone broth – a very low cost alternative and delivering tons of healing minerals as well as being anti-inflammatory.  I gently boil the bones of organic chicken drumsticks for a full 24 hours, this gets all the healing minerals out.  I add the broth to all of Dante’s meals.  I also freeze it in ice cube trays to have it available for later. 
·         Quinton Isotonicthis is not a low cost option, but it is extremely beneficial during detox.  It really helps relieve the discomfort.  My friend Sima, a homeopath based in Los Angeles, recommended it for Dante and he has benefitted many times from it.  Plus it has saved us from several trips to the Emergency Room! It is basically as effective as having an IV at home.  Just yesterday is a perfect example of what I mean:

Yesterday Dante threw up two times, first his breakfast and then what seemed to be a ton of liquid.  That concerned me because I immediately feared dehydration.  He became very weak.  He was fighting some sort of virus going around.  He was also dehydrating fast, which usually ends up with us in the Emergency Room.  I gave him 1 and ½ vials of the Quinton Isotonic (he refused the last half, which I gave him later).  He recovered his energy within 1 hour.  At that time his homeopath recommended he take Sulfur 200c; this stopped the vomiting.  Happily, when I felt horribly nauseous this morning I quickly took the Sulfur 200c.  Within 3 minutes I was back to normal and feeding my hungry boy.  Homeopathy proves its worth once again!!!  Best of all, I did not have to run to the fridge for some Pepto-Bismol!!!

These last two weekends have not been fun.  I know Dante has been at high risk of seizures so that has kept me worried and making sure he is eating his fats and getting his minerals.  Needless to say, I have not had a chance to buy a Christmas Tree or decorate our home.  The time has been very focused on supporting Dante’s healing.  I know there are lots of families who will be totally focused on their sick little ones during this season, and my heart goes out to them.  It is okay, though.  Caring for others heals the soul.  I do pray that each tired parent gets enough of a break to be thankful for the good things.


Julie said...

There is so much love in these lines, I pray for Dante to go through this stage quickly and get back on track.

Mom Connected said...

Thank you for what you say, Julie! It is great to hear that, despite the difficulties, the love we work with shines through. That's what I wish for every parent caring for their little ones.

Hope to hear from you again...

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing and attentive mom you are. Don't worry about the tree - what you're doing is much more important! It is fantastic - all you are doing and the details you notice.. You might be interested in a Facebook group called 'Diets for Epilepsy' where you would be able to inspire others with your awesome experiences. Thank you for finding the time to share your stories too. I hope you get some peaceful times and some rest over the holidays. x

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments and recommendation! I am currently part of a Yahoo! Group called Modified Atkins for Seizures where very knowledgeable mothers help others implement the diet well. The moderator even has a book just coming out. They helped me tremendously. They are the best teachers.

Anastasia said...

I have been wondering for the past few days what has been going on with my girl and why am I seeing these horrific crying spells and metdowns...We have not had them for awhile. oh, 10M potency...(And it did not start until second week of 10M) Now I am pretty sure that's what it is..
Thanks so much for all the suggestions for managing these hard detox times! need more patience....
How is Dante doing now a month into 10M?

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Anastasia!
Unfortunately, we're a little under water. Too much coconut oil causes more detox and that (I believe) has led to Dante having some nods (little seizures) that we thought we were done with back in May. I was using the coconut oil precisely to prevent seizures! We're "on it" and hoping that this is just a blip on the radar.

On the other hand, after the DTaP 10M and the Sol constitutional dose, Dante has been super happy, energized and connected. So that is the silver lining. Still praying for more!

Will need to post soon!