Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Days

Dante very happy walking into the pool
The good times continue!  I’m currently attempting to summarize in my head what I observe in Dante and in our family and convey it in the clearest way possible.  It’s simple, really, yet quite surreal for us.  Dante is healthier and happier than ever, and I feel, so are we.  It’s a good time for Thanksgiving in our home.

Yes, Dante has been so happy, he has the most energy ever, and he’s communicating better and more insistently.  It’s interesting because I’m so used to him needing attention because he doesn’t feel well.  Now he’s demanding attention but it is to request things, to share his joy over something, to give us a hug, or to look deeply into our eyes.  That is what has changed so much in this time since the seizures ended, not only is my boy feeling so much better, but now he shows us his will

At the same time, and another sign of good health, Dante has been growing and gaining weight -- 20 pounds since the seizures ended to be exact!  He has been eating wonderfully well, the best since he’s been on the Modified Atkins Diet for seizures.

For the last couple of months Dante has been on the Sol homeopathic remedy, which I feel has been responsible for many of the changes described above.  At the same time, we are at the tail end of his second DTaP clearing, which I have already posted about.  We have also done a short clearing of a medication I took for years before getting pregnant, Glucophage.  I wanted to clear him of this because I took this medication every day until I found out I was pregnant with Dante.  Even though this medication is for diabetes, it has a side effect of regulating a woman’s menstrual cycle.  Curiously, my gynecologist prescribed this medication for its side effects.  So Dante has continued his clearings and his constitutional remedy and I feel like the very foundation of my boy is becoming so much stronger.  Setbacks have been minimal and that is huge for a boy like ours.

April 2012, still medicated for seizures

November 2012, 20 pounds bigger and WAY happier
As Dante becomes happier and more comfortable, I have faith that his talents will continue to emerge.  It is so hard for any of these children to focus and progress if they are in pain or feeling terrible.  It is awesome to see how joyful Dante is now and how much he wants to share that with those around him.  We are enjoying his joy so much.  At the same time, I wish for every child out there to find their healthy route and be able to thrive.

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Janice said...

I'm always so happy to hear about Dante's progress and how happy and healthy he is. So great to hear.