Sunday, April 17, 2011

Homeopathy makes a Tropical Paradise even Better

Dante, soaked from Grandma's water hose

Yesterday Dante and I traveled to Puerto Rico to visit our family. I was a little concerned because Dante had not slept prior to the flight as much as he usually does, and I knew he would get sleepy and uncomfortable on the plane. I always get stressed out about how he will do on the plane when we travel.  I want him to be happy and I don't want to inconvenience the rest of the passengers. Later on I was telling my husband how surprised I was about how calm I had felt during our whole trip! I slept only 5 hours the night of the trip, yet I was not stressed out nor in a hurry – I felt awesome! My own homeopathic remedy is really helping me to be very well balanced.  That makes any vacation truly enjoyable!

I was also very pleasantly surprised at how well Dante did during the trip, considering that we are in the middle of the MMR vaccine cleanse. He was tired and it was a long flight – yet he soothed himself and tolerated the small space that did not allow him to stretch out to rest.   Here are other details about how he did during the trip:
+ It was the first time traveling without a stroller! Dante did take a few breaks and sat down on the floor, but his behavior traversing the airports was great.
+ Once on the island, we visited my cousin and Dante was a very good boy.  He was interested in his environment and happy with the 'new' people he was seeing. He finally took a nap on the car on the way to my parents' house.
+ I was delighted to note that Dante did not overheat. He usually overheats during the first days of very warm weather or when we come to the island. That has yet to happen this time!
+ Another wonderful thing is that Dante did not disconnect in the new environment. He was happy at my cousin's, happy in the car, and SO HAPPY when we got to my parents' house. He is usually more “out of it” when we travel, for the first few days at least.
+ Once at my parents', Dante was very curious about everything. He went to check out the house and was very content while I unpacked. 
Dante got the second MMR 200c dose last night. He woke up in the middle of the night crying and scratching at his chest. I think the stimulation of the day finally got to him. Grandma was able to calm him with a back rub and Dante fell back asleep. We slept so much; it was just delicious.

We woke up to a beautiful, breezy and sunny tropical day. I told my mom that just having the breeze and the sun are enough of a vacation for me. On top of that, Dante's joy and calm are a gift from the heavens and make any vacation day perfect.
Dante, being watered by Grandma along with her plants
+ Today Dante has been very well behaved. He played with Grandma while she watered the plants. His joy was beautiful to see. He also went into the pool for a little bit. 
Grandma's pool could not wait.  Here, Dante still in his pajama pants with Grandma.
+ We also visited grandma Luz, my husband's mom. When Dante became hungry we decided to return to my parents' so that he could eat his food. Grandma Luz was on the phone and Dante went up to her and said, “All done!”. That meant he either wanted her to hang up or he let her know he was leaving!
+ We stopped to pick up some food to bring home for the adults. He was hungry and yet did not tantrum on the drive home to give him his meal! Usually he has very little tolerance once he becomes hungry and he won't stop until he eats. He waited patiently and ate well when we got home.

The latest negatives observed are:
- Still having yeast die-off. His last BM's have been creamy and yeasty. He was irritated enough to require Desitin. 
- Drooling has increased again even though it had decreased when we began the Saccarum Officionale.
My calm and lovely little boy, watching TV today
My mom is in shock over how calm and good Dante has been. My dad is thrilled that he was able to lay with Dante in bed and caress his back and legs for a long while and Dante allowed it. I confess, I can get used to such a relaxed and easy-going boy! This is awesome and I look forward to even more progress. Please wish us a fantastic vacation...!


amy said...

May your vacation continue to be an absolute joy. It is nice to get a vacation from all of the symptoms we deal with each day. May God provide you and your family with wonderful days full of love, joy and peace.

Perfectdamsel said...

He's so adorable hope that you finish his terapy...

Lucy alonso said...

I love seeing his smile in pictures, I know far too well how amazing this moments are. I hope you guys had an awesome vacation, I want and need one so bad too! Hope you had a blast :)