Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some lessons and the start of MMR clearing…

New Discovery: Coconut water,
Tried and True:  Probiotic
Note:  This post is about clearing the toxic imprint from vaccines homeopathically.  A lot of children are left with non-resolved issues after a vaccine, like my son Dante.  This blog is about the process we follow to help Dante detox from the vaccines and become the full boy he is meant to be.

We’ve taken a few weeks longer than expected to begin the MMR vaccine clearing, but I won’t complain.  These past few weeks helped to somewhat stabilize Dante after the DTaP clearing, got him over a cold, and taught me a few things before we move forward.  Some key things I’ve learned, and some I have had to re-learn are:

  • No matter what you may think, Do NOT stop the probiotics!
On several occasions I have blamed Dante’s probiotics for an increase in his pain and headbanging, and have stopped giving him the daily dose.  The truth is, when yeast die-off occurs, those negative symptoms are going to increase and it is not because of the probiotic!  
I want the good bacteria to be there when the yeast leaves.  If probiotics are stopped and weeks pass, Dante’s behavior gets worse, he gets more pain, more intolerance, and with it more headbanging.  Stopping the probiotics actually works against what I want to achieve.  So I had to re-learn to NOT stop the probiotics.  Time has taught me that probiotics help Dante come back to his best behavior as soon as soon as any aggravation passes, including any yeast die-off.

  • Do NOT complicate the picture
I dedicated a whole long complicated blog to this topic so I will not repeat it here.  I think most parents know exactly what I mean! 

  • Coconut Water Helps with Dante's Seizures!
This has been my latest and most exciting discovery.  A health coach that occasionally speaks where I work explained to us how pure coconut water is, and how it happens to be the best electrolyte drink around.  She highly recommends it for people who exercise instead of commercial sports drinks, such as Gatorade.  

I thought of all the mild seizures Dante has had since we began the vaccine clearings, and decided to try out the coconut water to help prevent dehydration and seizures.  I found the Zico coconut water at Trader Joe’s.  It comes from Brazil and has no additives, just pure coconut water.  This made it very easy for Dante to tolerate it.  Over a week ago I began giving him at least 4 ounces before bedtime (since his seizures are in the morning) and have not seen a seizure nor a “staring episode”* since.  I am very happy to have found this to support Dante throughout this process!

Starting the MMR – 2 days into the clearing
If you saw my last post of Dante in the pool, you saw some of the best of the week for him.  The combination of probiotics and coconut water really helped Dante come full circle and show the best of where he’s at after the DTaP clearing.  Two days ago he got the first dose of MMR 30c.  These are the clearing symptoms that I have observed so far with the MMR:

The day after the dose:
  • Dante had one huge diarrhea BM – but a wonderful day after that
  • He was a little hyperactive and wanting to grab everything
On the second day (today):
  • He woke up at 5am, in a good mood, later he requested food
  • He became very angry and desperate (with headbanging) when waiting to eat, this passed midway through his meal.  
  • He took a 3 hour nap, which allowed me to write this post.  He woke up SUPER HAPPY and alert.  It was very cute.
Dante, looking connected after a MMR-induced 3 hour nap
  • He has eaten quite a bit today.
  • He has had only a couple of small loose BMs today.
  • He has became very uncomfortable about 1/2 hour after some meals today.  He runs, cries, pulls his ears, and gets very angry.  So far, this has passed after a few minutes.  The desperation and the anger are similar to yeast die-off symptoms.  So far, they have not lasted more than 10 minutes.
So far the clearing has not been horrible, thank God.  We've had some rough patches, but those have not lasted long.  I'm hoping the worst is over and that we may see some improvements.  Please wish us progress!
    *I call a “staring episode” when Dante stares off into space without moving, but continues to stand and doesn’t go weak, nor does he fall asleep afterwards.  I believe these are very mild seizures.

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    Lucy alonso said...

    I will be praying for Dante, he will keep improving you eill see. Keep up the good work dear, you're doing awesome!

    Alex had similar symptoms while on MMR clearing. Hyperactivity, after first dose of the week, irritability, anger, and done what violent episodes on second dose of the week. Also loose bm's too, but even though this are crappy things thru have to go through improvements are seen too. Alex will eat a bigger variety of food now, before MMR clear he was super picky, not so much anymore!

    I'll be praying for Dante and you and hubby, may god give you strengh to keep going :)