Sunday, April 10, 2011

More days into the MMR Clearing...

First MMR Dose
Dante had his first ever MMR dose nine days ago.  With that first dose, here were his clearing symptoms and some good things observed:
- Huge appetite, waking up early to eat
- He was very angry and desperate (with headbanging) when hungry, this passed after he ate.
- Spitting out food often
- Multiple bowel movements, many creamy or fluffly
- Warmer hands (his hands are usually cold)
- More tired and sleepy than usual
- Some hyperactivity, passed quickly
Dante swims backwards on his own initiative
The notes from school were good for the whole week, despite some rough patches.  Here are the positive things observed:
+ Good eye contact and consistently improved eye alignment
+ Looking at everything with more interest
+ Super happy and energetic
+ Saying “All done!” appropriately
+ Lots of word approximations! (noticed at home and reported by teacher)
+ Great initiative shown at pool, swimming backwards on his own instead of standing (he could touch the floor)
+ Report from school for most days of the week was “Great Working today!”

Second MMR Dose
On Wednesday, four days ago, Dante had his second dose of the MMR 30c remedy.  I expected his reaction would be similar and milder than the first dose, but it’s been different and actually rougher.  Here are the symptoms he’s had, which have lasted through today:
-  Huge appetite, waking up anywhere between 2am and 5am to eat; may or may not fall back asleep before school.
-  Taking food out of mouth (this has been going on/off for while now)
-  Had a 45 minute tantrum at school, which rarely happens
-  Sometimes pain after meals
-  Many rough mornings at school – got better closer to noon.
-  Headbanging on and off during the day, it’s as though he is feeling very uncomfortable.  This usually improves after a bowel movement.
-  Toxic bowel movements (creamy and smelly).  He is definitely getting rid of something!
-  Bad breath; improved after large BM – Dante never has bad breath!
-  Warm hands, sometimes cheeks and ears too.
-  Very itchy eczema

So with this second dose, Dante’s clearing symptoms have lasted more than with the first dose.  While this is happening, I usually do not see as many positives, since he is having such a rough time.  The few I have observed are:
+ He’s very observant
+ He’s very interested in handing us stuff; often he wants to request something.  He has been bringing his PECs to me as requests for a while now, but yesterday he brought his plate to me, as though requesting food!  I thought that was pretty cool since he never carries anything!

So at this point in time I want to check with our homeopath whether we stay at this MMR 30c potency, since there are obviously issues here that we are clearing, or whether we move to the next potency.  These past few days have not been easy, however, the improvements observed and those reported by the teacher are a real encouragement.  I pray that this remedy is deeply healing Dante during this time.  We are ready for him to be happier and more connected!


Lucy said...

Wow, he is sure reacting to the MMR quite noticeably. But let's remember thats a good thing. I know that the aggravations are hard to handle, been there done that, so I feel your pain. So sorry that this is affecting his sleep, I understand that too, we live the same life I feel. But I also feel that we are on the right path, which I'm sure will get Alex and Dante their recovery! U will see, keep working hard momma, you're doing awesome!

Dante: Hang in there little buddy, momma and tia Lucy are praying and cheering for you :)

Taryn said...

Wow, I love your blog, thanks so much for posting it. My son is half way through his second MMR clear right now. We saw huge issues with sleep also and major effects on the bowel movements, amongst a great many other behaviours. But we also saw an amazing shift in him in the weeks following which made me very excited to repeat the clear. His first time through was a nightmare, and although this repeat clear has been hard too, it is not quite as bad. We too saw very subtle improvements throughout the clear, despite how horrible my son felt. Can't wait to read further on your son's progress, thanks for sharing it.

Mom Connected said...

Taryn, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I appreciate hearing from other moms so much. It really helps me to stay strong when the going gets tough. More so since the other children are further along than Dante.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please email me at I love to learn from other moms and discuss things in more detail. Again, I can't thank you enough. Your comment made my day.