Friday, May 13, 2011

MMR Clearing Update

Dante on pony, this week
The MMR clearing is the second vaccine clearing Dante has gone through.  The first one was for the DtaP vaccine.  Dante has reacted very strongly to the MMR vaccine clearing, much more than he did to the DtaP.  Therefore, we slowed down on this clearing while we were on vacation.  And as we slowed down the process, we got to see some very good behavior.

Last week was our first week back and Dante got the first MMR 10M dose.  His clearing symptoms started two days later, when he head-banged substantially more at school.  Mother’s day weekend was pretty rough as well.  He was very uncomfortable constantly.  My Mother’s Day gift, however, was this wonderful exchange we had while Dante was on – of all places- the potty:

Mom:  “Dante, are you done with the poopy?”
Dante:  “Inotdone”
Mom:  ?
Mom (2 seconds later): “WOW!  YOU JUST SAID “I’M NOT DONE!”  YOU ARE TALKING TO MOMMY!!!!  GOOD JOB, DUDE!  YOU’RE NOT DONE!  Of course you’re not done, you’re still sitting on the potty, aren’t you?  I LOVE YOUR WORDS!!!…”
That made my weekend! I must confess that one of the benefits of having a blog is that I can write this here and tell the whole world because believe me, everyone I know personally has probably heard this story – at least twice.  

One detail I find very interesting is that the few things Dante has spoken as complete sentences begin with the pronoun “I”.  The list is short, but here it goes:
“Yo quiero leer” – “I want to read”
“I’m going!”
“I’m not done”
“Yo quiero co-co”(comida) – “I want [food]”
Hey!  He gets pronouns!  And he knows how to speak whole sentences!  I honestly think it is all in there and just can’t come out.  I think Dante’s brain is blocked.  The sentences come out when Dante is more connected.  That is why we’re doing the vaccine clearings, to help Dante become connected.

Since we haven’t taken a long break from this clearing, I have yet to see its full impact on Dante.  I am mainly seeing the aggravation but not yet all the benefits. I thank a mom who left a comment telling me about the benefits her son had gotten out of the MMR clearing.  She stated that her son had had horrible detox symptoms, but he had greatly benefited from the clearing after these passed.  Her son has done this clearing twice.  As soon as Dante finishes this first time, we are going to begin the MMR cycle again.  The idea is that if the vaccine left a toxic imprint in a child, the child will react to the remedy made from the same vaccine.  As the toxins are cleared, the child reacts less and less to the remedy.  When a child stops reacting, or does not react to a remedy, that means there is really no toxic imprint to clear, or everything has already been cleared.

The positive things we have seen so far in Dante during this MMR clearing are:

+ Very calm and well behaved
+ Sitting on sofa to watch TV
+ Sleep is very regular, not waking up early or in the middle of the night
+ Very observant
+ Some verbalizing
+ Considerably less peeing overnight

In order to get those improvements, however, there are a few days of clearing symptoms:

-       HUGE detoxing symptoms
-       Less boundaries w/ personal space, stepping on me constantly, bumping me
-       Very itchy eczema on wrist
-       More tired than usual, needs a nap
-       Rash on face
-       Yawn-like symptoms – needing more oxygen (this was after the 1M potency and stopped shortly after)
-       Yeast die-off symptoms
o      Pain every morning during breakfast
o      On/Off discomfort with hard Head-banging
o      Drooling, biting shirt

So this is where we’re at right now.  We stopped the constitutional remedy for now, Saccharum Officionale, as we were not seeing any benefits at this point.  We did the second MMR 10M dose today and will go from there.  His great behavior during many parts of our trip are like a little light at the end of the tunnel.  We will continue to work very hard around here to make that light very big and bright!

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Lucy Alonso said...

So cool that he has been talking to you! Que emocion :)

I hope he keeps moving forward, keeps healing, and most of all I hope that he reaches full recovery. I always keep Dante in my prayers, I know you will one day get him to the finish line victorious!