Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Timeline so far

As we pause after completing the MMR vaccine clearing, I thought it would be a good idea to see everything we have done so far since starting CEASE therapy in January, 2011.  I like to organize things visually so I created the diagram below of the steps we have taken so far this year. 

As I went through my notes I realized that the two biggest changes in Dante so far have been with his digestion and with his speech.  We have been able to expand the things he eats, although we did remove all animal protein during April.  His digestion is really good and his BMs are excellent.  We will continue to evaluate this vegetarian diet and hope that it really does help him.

As far as speech goes, I began to hear words after the DTaP clearing.  Within the MMR clear I began to hear phrases.  He's vocalizing often but I make out phrases here and there.  It's not often, maybe once every few days, but it's 1000% more than it used to be!

His behavior has been good in general, but as we tweak the diet we have had ups and downs - with more or less headbanging.  I can't wait to see that stabilize and have no headbanging.  That is the goal!

I pray that as the warm weather begins all special kids get a sunny boost of improvement and that all their parents get some welcome rest and joy.

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