Monday, February 14, 2011

Not the most fun day in Dante’s World

Bright red cheeks at 8 months 
On those days I decide to indulge in some measure of self-pity, the one thing that comes to mind is how high a price we pay for any slip-up with a child who has autism.  At least in the case of Dante, a missed dose of medicine, eating the wrong food, having too much probiotic, you name it, it may have a dramatic impact on him.  I’ve often been very hard on myself for forgetting this or that, imagining that I could have prevented yet another downturn during Dante’s day.  I Thank God for helping me see the light so that I chose to try homeopathy for myself.  Since I’ve been taking it, the days of self-pity have been pretty minimal.  My mom remarked to me just yesterday, when I told her how much better I cope and how tolerant I am when on my remedy: “Well, that’s what Lexapro does for me!”  :-)
Bright red cheeks after DTaP 200c
So for the last several days I have felt pretty lousy.  It turns out that I had strep – a throat infection.  I took way too long to visit the doctor and couldn’t understand why my sore throat was so bad and would not stop hurting.  I did try a remedy, Nux Vomica, but it didn’t work for some reason.  Yes, I ended up getting an antibiotic on Saturday because I couldn’t tolerate another lousy day. 

So while I was operating at maybe 30% capacity, Dante’s Magnesium-Potassium supplement ran out.  I could only find it online.  So Dante’s body’s mineral levels were slowly going down, which led to a seizure today at school.

Even though he was awesome this morning before the bus, things went downhill from there.  Thankfully, I was able to find the needed supplement at a new store on my way to see him at school.  One interesting thing I noticed today though, was that Dante tantrumed and got very upset right before he had a seizure.  It was as though he could tell it was coming.  Another thing that made me smile inside was the fact that he was very mad when I took him into the doctor’s office.  The last time he was there, it was not a happy experience and he was definitely remembering!  Thankfully, the doctor found no sign of my strep on Dante, and prescribed lab work to understand why his electrolytes are so sensitive to changes, leading him to seizures.

Dante had a seizure while at the doctor’s office and has had no other.  I gave him three of the Magnesium-Potassium supplements (spread out) and that appears to have turned him around, eventually.

So that was my stressful day.  Now to the good news:

Dante has continued his DtaP clearing with the 200c potency.  These are the good (+) things and the not great (-) things I’ve observed:

+ More energy and joy – he’s almost hyper happy
+ More appetite than since we began the DtaP clearing
+ This is hard to explain, but there’s something in his posture – it’s as though he is able to stand up straighter.  His babysitter asked today if he was taller, and she just saw him two days ago!
+ He also seems slightly more coordinated; his movements are more contained, better controlled.  He continues to climb the bus stairs with greater ability.
+ His words continue.  Today he said “two” at the right time, as I paused while reading his book, “Yellow fish, blue fish, we count ___ fish.” (Good Job, Dante!)
+ He is definitely “On”.  Today he got out of the bath when he needed to pee!
+ Continued peeing on command!

Now, this hyper happiness or hyperactivity comes at a price:
(-) He is grabbing constantly while I’m trying to chop vegetables, and he’s constantly trying to grab pots on the stove.  As a side note, I dread the day he decides he doesn’t want to eat just his diet foods anymore.  I sense he is more and more interested in other foods, and I don’t even want to think of the day when he puts up a fight about eating his food! 
(-) Although, in all honesty, that may already be happening!  He does seem to take the food out of his mouth quite a bit lately.  :-)
(-) He continues to head-butt me or dad on the back, often
(-) Some mild seizures.  I did read somewhere that during these clearings, seizures may be expected.  The book also stated that children may be able to decrease their seizure medication eventually as well, once their brains heal.  That is definitely my desire!
(-) One interesting effect I noticed on Dante was the temporary return of really red cheeks (with no fever), which he had for years when he was really little.  That lasted for a couple of days after the first 200c remedy dose.  The pictures included will show what I mean.

It is now near the end of what started out as a very difficult day.  Dante just PEC’d ‘HAPPY’, which is such a good thing.  I’m glad he turned around.  I just pray for continued progress and health. 

Good Night!


amy said...

I know far too well how your day felt. I pray for Dante and your family. It is great that you are seeing some change. Slowly but surely you will see him emerge even more. I am so glad that you are on a remedy to help you cope. I could not do it without the help of homeopathy. May your day be better tomorrow and you all will feel better. Keep going it is just a matter of time.

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for your comments, Amy, it is wonderful to be able to share this with others on a similar boat. Your support means a lot to me.

Lucia Alonso said...

I am sorry to hear your day was so hard, we all have days like this so don't feel bad, we are all here for you. And regarding homeopathy, I am a different person thanks to homeopathy. Since I have been on my remedy I feel like a new woman! I would encourage you to keep using homeopathy for yourself also, get an a constitutional remedy, it has been a major factor in my life. I am much more patient, much more in tune with myself, and liek a friend of mine said to me, our luck has been changing for the better. She told me she read this in a book, and I have confirmed it.

I will be praying for Dante, and I am hoping he improves daily, and I will keep him in our prayers always! Keep healing Dante, we are cheering for you :)

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for your wishes and your prayers, Lucia! Our prayers will definitely reach out to all the children and families on this boat!

It is interesting what you say about having better luck since using homeopathy. I have definitely been able to become more positive and more focused on the improvements I want to see in all areas of my life. And things have been changing for the better since then! Even though there are dips, it is still a beautiful thing. I have been on a constitutional remedy too, and I pretty much evangelize about homeopathy to anyone that will listen!!! (Which is part of the reason I decided to blog -- I don't want to drive my dear friends crazy!). No but in all seriousness, all parents of children with autism should try homeopathy. It helps us cope in ways never imagined, and focus on the important things. God Bless Homeopathy!

Lucia Alonso said...

God bless homeopathy!!! And on the other hand I'm sure homeopathy is a blessing from god!!! Since I have been on my remedy things have been better, I also have my hubby on a remedy which makes him a lot closer to thean of my dreams!! Lol he is super nice and less crabby on his remedy. Homeopathy is the best.

My sister gave me the flu this weekend and she was out for 4 days, me, I took homeopathy since yesterday and walla, today I am all better!! I have a bit of a runny nose but nothing like yesterday. I love homeopathy!!!!!

The whole world should be doing homeopathy!!!!