Saturday, June 25, 2011

It got worse before it got better

Dante, much calmer during the week
I last posted on Sunday, before things got a whole lot worse; here’s our story.  Dante was headbanging on and off pretty much all day.  Mid-afternoon I decided to check whether one of his teeth was coming loose, thinking that may be what had him so unhappy.  That was not a good idea.  Dante was extremely sensitive and my pushing on a couple of his teeth sent him into a horrible tantrum. 

There was no way to calm him – even the shower wouldn’t work.  He got all red and pulled on his ears and screamed, when he usually loves being under the shower.  I was so concerned, I was ready to take him to the emergency room.  I decided instead to try his last constitutional remedy, Saccharum Officinale 6x.  With the help of his singing toy frog, Tad, Dante took the remedy while still in the bath.  He immediately toned the tantrum down, and it continued to decrease from there.  Within fifteen minutes he was out of the bath, lying in bed fooling around and laughing.  I think the remedy helped because Dante stopped the constant headbanging he had had all day.  If the remedy did the trick I am very happy for what that could do for us in the future.  I must test the Sacc Off again under similar circumstances.  Not that I want to have that happen again, though!

After the Storm:  I was hoping that all the aggravations of last weekend would result in noticeable changes this past week.  Dante has been much calmer and happier, but I have not noticed any actual gains.  His appetite has come back with a vengeance and his BMs have normalized – that part continues to be great.  He also actively enjoyed his swim class and swam a lot that day, showing a lot of initiative.  I spoke with our homeopath this week and we decided to take a one week break from the MMR to see if that helps us decide where to go next.  He wasn't sure we should do the last potency.  He wants to make sure we get something out of the process, not just a horrible aggravation.  We will see what the next days bring...

Please keep us in your prayers along with all the children who need help in their healing.  Thank you so much for reading!


Anonymous said...

Ours was the same, the first time we did the MMR clear. The week of the final potency was horrific! He was so aggravated, extreme tantrum, disregulation and aggression, and it would last for long periods. We didn't notice tons right away either. The first time through the gains weren't noticible until 1 1/2-2 weeks after. Then we didn't have much time observe them cause we jumped right into the next round. The second time through the MMR the gains were noticible very subtly during the clear and again, more at about the 2 weeks after mark. This time through (3rd MMR clear) he responded negativly to the first 2 potencies and posatively to them ones that had caused aggrevations the first 2 times, so you never know what their body is doing. Glad the sacch off helped. Hope he is starting to feel better. We are enntering week 4 (4th potency) tomorrow. Can't wait to hear what you see in the next week or two

Mom Connected said...

Oh, Taryn, you can't imagine how helpful your comment is! I, like you, have been rolling over to the next clear without allowing time to notice its benefits. I think this pause will be helpful. Dante has been saying "si" to my questions, "All Done", and the other day he said "I did it!". That all increased after the aggravation passed.

Also, I know our homeopath is looking into a constitutional remedy. As I look at carcinosin and phosphorus, which the other children are on, I see several similarities with phosphorus for Dante. I am going to speak to our homeopath about it today or tomorrow.

Please keep commenting, I love to hear how your son is doing! Good luck!!!

Lucy alonso said...

I'm sorry to hear he had such a hard time, pobresito de Dante :( but I'm truly happy that Sach off helped, it's amazing what their constitutional remedies can do for our boys. Know that Dante is in my prayers, god will heal them, it's only a matter of time. Keep up the amazing work momma, god will help us through it.

Sending Much love and healing your way :)

Mom Connected said...

Thank you, Lucy! I have yet to post again because these past couple of days have been pretty rough. Your words are encouraging -- we just need to stay focused during the rough spells!

amy said...

Sorry to hear that Dante had a rough time. I hate moments like these. Lizzy has been showing old behavior also. We start or second MMR clearing on the 11th. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you and your homeopath find the correct remedy.All in good time our babies will be healed.

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much, Amy! You know, after reading your blog I often think through a symptom and wonder if it is recurring or new. Thank you for your prayers. This week has been pretty tough. I pray that the rough parts our children are going through are healing them in a very deep way!

Yannick Smits said...

The MMR is most of the times the toughest to detox. Did your homeopath explain the delution technique to sooth too strong aggravations?

I also added a link to this site in our patient stories section. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for your visit and your comment, Yannick! It was very exciting to see that we are linked to from the CEASE site!!! :-)

It helps me to know we are in the roughest clearing. It seems like the MMR was terrible for Dante.
He started to have unexpected stumbles/falls 11 days ago. The falls seem to be from a different type of seizure for him, where his head tilts down onto his chest and then his legs weaken, and if he's standing he falls. This is extremely stressful as he has hurt himself. I learned that consistency with his mineral supplements decreases these seizures, thankfully, but they are still happening.

I am speaking with our homeopath tomorrow to see if he may identify a constitutional remedy that may help Dante with this. I will definitely ask him about diluting the remedies.

Please wish us progress and come back for another visit!