Monday, October 15, 2012

DTaP Vaccine Clearing Continued

Dante sits calmly to watch TV after a long day

Dante went through his first DTaP clearing during February 2011.  I thought it was pretty easygoing and provided some improvements as far as gross motor and fine motor skills.  Because of this, we are now on his second DTaP clearing.  We are doing the DTaP clearing in a way that minimizes any impact to school days.  Similar to this other mother’s approach, we are doing one potency at a time and keeping Dante on it until we see no more reaction or aggravations from it.

It is really helpful for me to go back and read what happened the first time around, as it helps foresee what he will go through again.  The reactions usually get easier every time around, as the child is cleared from the toxic imprint.  Spacing the doses out does make the process easier as there are less aggravations and we are better able to observe the benefits of a particular potency before the next dose.  This weekend Dantino was the sweetest angel ever, wanting to spend time together and giving me lots of hugs and kisses.  

He also played well by himself and really enjoyed using his hands to push heavy objects.  I have heard a few words here and there, but those have not fully come back yet.  If I were to summarize, this clearing helps him feel better – he is much more tolerant-- allows him to enjoy things in a deeper manner (looking into my eyes, watching his preferred shows), and makes it easier for him to use his fine and gross motor skills. 

Wanting to grab means touching the stove too...
Here are more details of the aggravations and the gains from this clearing:

(Especially second and third day after dose)
--blowing lots of raspberries
--Sensitive head – sometimes head bangs during car rides (?)
--wanting to grab lots, such as…
--taking food out of mouth
--bright red cheeks
--warm hands and cheeks
--A little bit disconnected when aggravated
--Sensitive hands, doesn’t want them held
--Needs a nap

+ Very loving, giving lots of prolonged hugs
+ Beautiful and prolonged eye contact
+ Very relaxed and tolerant
+ Following directions such as “wait right there” – staying close!
+ Paying closer attention to well-known DVDs, enjoying them in a deeper manner
+ Using his hands!  Able to push heavy stroller with help steering
+ Observing self in mirror
+ Happy mornings with no pain after breakfast
+ Very interested in other children’s foods which are different from his
+ No seizures!

It is wonderful to have an easygoing boy in the house.  We are grateful for the days when we can easily enjoy Dante without all the usual “wear and tear”.  Better health means better quality of life.  Thank you, God!

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Janice said...

Oh, wow -- so good to hear Dante's continued progress. You sound so happy. I'm so happy for Dante, for you and your whole family.

julie said...

Hi, wonderful news. I'm so happy to hear he is seizure free, this is amazing. I'm really looking forward to starting the dtp, but our homeopath said we should do the MMR first. one step at a time...

How often do you give him a new dose?
All the very best,


Mom Connected said...

Julie, so many thanks for your comment! I love hearing from other parents!

I've been dosing Dante on Friday mornings, watching for any aggravation through the weekend. The lower potencies are not usually a problem, but until I'm sure I will dose close to the weekend. Otherwise, I'd be willing to do 2 doses through the week. For the 10M potency, I may space it out for 2 or 3 weeks, depending on his reaction, really.

MMR had strong reactions for Dante (you may read this on the "MMR" tab of this blog). The healing associated was a blessing though, mainly for the gastrointestinal system, which has historically been a huge problem for Dante.

I am thrilled to see DTaP is bringing out more of his fine motor development. This is HUGE for my son, who rarely ever uses his hands. You may imagine the urgency for us in getting some healing in this area.

Either way, both vaccine clearings are critical. Spacing them out keeps you and your child sane through the process. Please keep me posted and let me know if I can help you in any way!