Saturday, June 11, 2011

Halfway through second MMR Clearing

New:  I just added a new page to the blog to help anyone looking for the summarized information on the MMR clearing.  The page is called “MMR Summary”, and you can access it via a tab on the top of each page.  Soon I will provide the same type of summary for the DTaP clearing.

This past week: Dante had his two MMR 200c doses, bringing us to the halfway point of this second MMR clearing.  Dante had the week off as his Summer Camp begins next week.  He was happy and well behaved for the most part of the week.  Towards the end of the week, things took a downturn.  He had pain after meals more often, and creamier BMs.  Yesterday was very rough, as he was extremely sensitive over any little thing and would tantrum often.  He also did not want to eat much.  I had given him two small teaspoons of my chocolate ice cream the day before and wondered whether that did it.  Today’s BMs were very yeasty, so I know that part of it was classical and painful yeast die-off.  Today Dante was much better, Thank God!  I was able to take him to Target, Old Navy, and the supermarket with me and he really enjoyed looking at everything.  He loves being out and about.

Dante’s babysitter, Veronica, took him to the bank the other day.  Since she had to speak to an officer there, she asked Dante to sit on a chair and not make any noise.  She told me that Dante looked at her in the eyes, looked at the chair, and went and sat quietly.  After a little while, he got up and began to clap and fool around so she told him again to sit and be quiet until she finished.  He again looked at her, sat and was quiet.  Later on Veronica had to go to the line for a bank teller.  She was expecting a meltdown any minute, but Dante did not do it!  They got the teller on the end of the counter and Veronica again asked Dante to sit and wait quietly.  He sat on the corner against the wall and was quiet until she finished.  Veronica was just amazed with his good behavior.  This made my week and supported me through the rough parts.

Just Yesterday:  I had the pleasure of taking the afternoon off to go with my husband to see The Tree of Life, the newest film by Terrence Malick.  My husband had been looking forward to the film for years, so I was destined to watch it sooner or later as his official movie companion.  It is so hard to describe the movie yet I didn’t want to end my post without saying something about it.  So here it goes.

Although many have described this movie as “deep”, I would say it is raw.  It is visceral and touching in a way no other movie is.  The greatest joys of life, as well as the biggest disappointments and sorrows, are experienced in The Tree of Life.  It is a very strong and beautiful movie.  You need to remain seated past the “creation” scene to experience the full blow of this movie.  If you don’t know what happiness sounds like, wait until you hear the music of this film.  Oh, but you will also hear pure sorrow.  It is all in there.  I have never seen a birth as beautiful as was depicted in this film.  The love of a mother; the joy of her children; the remorse of a father; it’s all there.  You can’t avoid some level of introspection during this film.  It helps you re-live things you deeply know from your own life.  Malick shows us how universal family life is and how our story is really everyone else's story, as well as the story of the universe itself.  Ambitious message if you ask me, but quite beautiful.    You can get a tiny taste of the film here:



Anonymous said...

Great to read your son is able to tolerate more and follow instructions better. It makes everything so enjoyable. We are on our 3rd MMR clear right now. We did our first camping weekend, and my son played on the campsite, played toys with people, and even sat by the campfire with us. Last summer he barely left the trailer. The changes are amazing. As a parent it is so wonderful tyo be able to enjoy thingS even a trip to the grocery store. All the best as you continue the clear. Is your son on a constitutional remedy also? Can't wait to hear more about his progress.

Lucy alonso said...

Alex had days like that when we did the MMR clear also. With him the second dose of the week was the one that brought out aggravations. He had a few days were he wasn't hungry either and others were he could have eaten a horse!!! Lol his BM's were only off at times but for the most part they improved as we went along.

I'm hoping Dante's tummy feels better soon, wishing him the best. Keep healing for us Dante :)

Mom Connected said...

Wow, Taryn, what you tell me is amazing. Any positive changes probably made your camping trip so much happier! I am thrilled to hear that and truly hope Dante follows in your son's footsteps. Just today it dawned on me that Dante has been laughing when he does silly things that upset us. His sense of humor is coming in! I can't wait to see him play better with his toys.

We stopped the saccharum (constitutional remedy) because we were not seeing further improvements. I'm not sure if we'll re-start that or another one...

Please continue to keep in touch!!!

Mom Connected said...

Thank you, Lucy! I scramble every time his stomach goes bad because I'm wondering if it's a food or if it's die-off. It's so difficult to tell now that his diet has expanded. What you tell me about Alex really compares to what I'm seeing.

Stay well!

Anonymous said...

My son is currently taking saccharum, not as a constitutional though. He takes a tiny dose every morning to help heal the gut. I think it is helping. Bowel movements have improved in consistency. We begin Carcinosin as a constitutional remedy this weekend. Can't wait to observe. One of the things we noticed too was humor emerging with the MMR clears. He now laughs at more abstract things, or will joke with me, I'll sing the wrong words to a song to tease him and he will laugh, then sing his own wrong words. Its great to see bits of their personality showing through. Can't wait to follow Dante's continued progress.

Mom Connected said...

Yes, Dante was also taking saccharum on a daily basis until we saw no more changes. I'm not sure if we'll re-start it again. It does seem to match his characteristics quite well though!
Thank you so much for telling me about the sense of humor! You are confirming something i've observed - Dante laughing when he's naughty and i reprimand him! I'm definitely adding this to my list of MMR improvements!
Thank you so much for writing- i would like to keep reading about your son's progress!