Saturday, June 4, 2011

MMR Clearing – a second time around

This week was Dante’s last week in first grade. Here are pictures from his last day of school, as we waited for the school bus. He had a very happy week. We will definitely miss his teacher Mrs. B, the classroom aide Mr. Matt, and all the wonderful staff and bus people that cared and taught Dante so lovingly this year. Dante will go to a new school for second grade.

Last day of first grade!

1st MMR 30c Clear

2nd MMR 30c Clear

1st day after the dose

- Dante had one huge diarrhea BM – but a wonderful day after that – Great Mood!
- He was a little hyperactive and wanting to grab everything

- A couple of fluffly/dense BMs, not too bad
- Very sad crying for a few minutes after he woke up.
- Mild seizure before breakfast – fell asleep afterwards for 1 hour
- Some cough - in the morning
- 10 minute tantrum when tired.
+ Had a wonderful day at school – Great Mood!
+ Great Day overall

2nd day after the dose
- He woke up at 5am, in a good mood, later he requested food

- He became very angry and desperate (with headbanging) when waiting to eat, this passed midway through his meal.  

- He has become very uncomfortable about 1/2 hour after some meals today.  

- 3 hr nap

- He has had only a couple of small loose BMs today.

- He woke up at 6:30am and calmly requested food after a little while. He was not desperate!
+ He ate great, good appetite
- He had some pain after breakfast only.
- Very mild staring episode.
- He had several creamy BMs; not loose.
- He took a short nap.
+ He had a wonderful day, was very connected, loving and communicative.

Later days after the dose

- Huge appetite, waking up early to eat
- He was very angry and desperate (with headbanging) when hungry, this passed after he ate.
- Spitting out food often
- Multiple bowel movements, many creamy or fluffly
- Warmer hands (his hands are usually cold)
- More tired and sleepy than usual
- Some hyperactivity, passed quickly

- Increased appetite, waking up early to eat, but not as early as before!
- Not desperate when hungry, somewhat upset
- Some hyperactivity
- Creamy BMs
+ Very good behavior!

Last ride to first grade!
Today we will begin the next potency.  Please wish us much progress!
A week ago we began the second round of MMR clearing. So far the clearing has been relatively easy. However, I know that Dante has reacted much stronger when we reach the higher potencies, so this is only the beginning. The main aggravations he’s had during the 30c potency are: moments of very sad crying with very big tears, huge appetite, multiple and creamy BMs, and a few mild seizures. It is important to point out that none of these symptoms have been horrible. He’s actually had great days with very little headbanging!  


Lucy alonso said...

Every time I see Dantes beautiful face my heart melts, I'm overwhelmed by emotion, he seems so fragile and innocent, just a little angel. I pray that he continues to heal, I always pray that god will heal our boys, slowly but surely they will heal. This journey is so hard, watching our kids suffer is the most painful experience a mother can go through. God gives us the strengh we need to survive and keep going, we are way stronger than we ever thought we were, this has made us see that. Even though I wish I could have realized this some other way, I'm glad I know how much I can do for my little ones.

Keep going, its only a matter of time before this very long journey ends. We're both in it to win it. Keep healing Dante, we're all cheering for you!

I'm sure the MMR clear will keep getting him closer to recovery!

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Lucy! I see a beautiful angel in Alex as well. It's amazing what these kids get us to do for them!