Sunday, June 19, 2011

Roughest Part of MMR Clearing

Two months ago, while on vacation, we gave Dante the MMR 1M vaccine remedy.  We noticed that clearing was definitely harder for Dante than the lower potencies.  It is no different this time around.  He had his second MMR 1M dose four days ago.  The next morning was rough; he was very uncomfortable and unable to eat much.  The day after that was very rough.  To describe ‘very rough’ – it is as though Dante becomes desperate.  He runs around crying and lies down on the floor to hit the back of his head on the floor.  He also did not want to eat much and had a lot of pain after meals while he is aggravated. The aggravations mean that Dante still has a toxic imprint from this vaccine.  If that is the case, we might want to repeat this MMR clear yet again sometime in the future.

PECs for the things that soothe Dante

Are the aggravations worth it?

Dante's first morning request
Today Dante awoke much happier and ate a lot, faster.  He had some discomfort after his breakfast, but that passed. Yesterday and today he picked the PEC for Pool several times.  Yesterday he went to the pool with his tutor Matt and his small daughter, Danika, and they had a great time.  This morning Dante ‘pec’d’ POOL again. I asked him, “Did you have fun at the pool with Danika yesterday?” and he responded, “Yeah-S!”  That, my friends, is the clearest Yes I have ever heard my son say!

The aggravations are hard and Dante needs a lot of support while he’s going through them – swinging on the hammock, an Epsom salt bath, or rocking him on the rocking chair really help.  I am so happy and so thankful to have awesome teachers and babysitters that help him while I am at work.  Then when my Dante shift begins I have enough energy to help him myself.  Eventually the aggravations pass, and we are left with a happier and more connected son each time.  Just now Dante came to me with the PEC for HAPPY – and he does that so much more the healthier he is.  That is my reason for continuing – I want Dante to be happier and more connected.
Just now Dante brought me this PEC:  HAPPY

I pray for wisdom every day to always pick the best next steps not just for Dante, but also for our whole family.  My husband and I are also working on our own healing with the help of homeopathy.  Just yesterday the three of us listened, sang and danced to the Beatles music together in a great moment of shared joy.  Please keep us in your prayers as this journey is still very difficult – please pray for us and for so many other families who are working to help their children.  That we may all have moments of shared joy and enjoy our journey to health.


Anonymous said...

When my son was on his second time through the MMR clear, he began to answer yes/no questions for the first time. I created a pecs visual, just a card with a yes and no visual right beside eachother. Every time I asked him a yes/no question I would hold up the card to clue him into the fact that I needed an answer. Now he doesn't need promtping. We are just going into week 3 of third time through the MMR clear tomorrow. I though for sure he wouldn't react this time, but I was wrong. This time he reacted strongly to the first 2 potencies, when the last tmies through we saw hardly anything the first 2 weeks. I find it very interesting, how differently my son has reacted to each clear, symptoms have been slightly different each time. Based on my son's reaction I am thinking we will be doing it a 4th time too, *sigh* so ready to be done with this clear. Are the aggrevations worth it? I was just thinking that this morning while dealing with my sons tantrums and ocd from the clear. 2 weeks seems to be where I start to get discouraged each time. Thanks for the reminder that the aggrevations pass, sometimes in the middle of it, it feels like they will never subside. Interesting that your son is seeing some of the same gains my son did the second time thru. Hoping and praying for the best for them both as they finish up this round of clears.

Mom Connected said...

Taryn, that is so interesting how they react subtly different each time. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I think we'll be repeating this clear a few times, but i believe our homeopath may wait to do it and do other clears next. I will find out tomorrow. I was going to use your same exact expression when i posted: *sigh*

I honestly almost threw in the towel myself yesterday, it got so bad.

Do you mean that your son now says "yes/no"
appropriately each time? Your giving me something good to look forward to! Anyway, please stay in touch...