Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beginning Dante’s First “Clearing” – DTaP

Sacc Off is a good thing!
This past week was Dante’s second week on Saccharum Officinale 6x or “Sacc Off”, and the news is very good. He has been SO different than before this remedy; each day he just seems happier and more connected. Of course coming off of a terrible yeast die-off any change seems good, but this isn’t any change. This is definitely something better. If impairment were like an onion, I can definitely see these very fine layers of issues peeling away -- the changes are so subtle but so noticeable.
So in general, Dante was more easygoing during the week. Some specific good things (+) and not great (-) things we observed were:

+ Words continue!
+ Said “all done!” twice when done with bath
+ When asked “Are you Happy?” in Spanish, Dante answered, “¡Si!”
+ Said “train” for the first time, while watching a DVD that was presenting the word “train”
+ Best described as “Super Adorable Sweet Boy” after pony therapy, he was exhausted and yet did not tantrum in the car on the way back – that is huge!
- Lots of bouncing on sofa
- He did grab a handful of rice at our friend’s house, and I broke down and gave him a taste of my beloved Unconditional Chocolate ice cream. He said, “Mmmmm!” -- but paid for it the next day. He had his usual post-breakfast pain, which I decided to take care of with Motrin, before putting him on the school bus. He needed Motrin twice during the week, the other time was my attempt, in vain, to get him started on Vitamin E.
Still, the week ended on a high note with the following comments from his teacher from Fri., Feb. 4:

  • Dante was sitting on toilet, signed “more” & went pee! Wow :-)
  • Getting better at “pants down” w/ jeans!
  • Great job turn taking @ math
  • Another great day in art! :-)  (Dante has never done well in art class!)
DtaP clearing begins:
Friday afternoon Dante got his first vaccine clearing dose ever: the DTaP 30c remedy. It has been uneventful so far; I have not noticed any physical or other type of negative reaction.  The weekend was very low key, but high joy. Dante continued to be very easygoing, very affectionate (which is usual for him), and just more connected. Here are my observations from the weekend:

I saw this closed mouth gesture often
+ Seemed very observant, sometimes as though he was looking at some things for the first time, including me on one occasion
+ Good eye alignment and holding his gaze with no adverse reaction
+ Seemed to be closing his mouth more purposely, and the drooling was somewhat reduced (yeay!!!)

+ Showing initiative: pulling up his pants after going potty, playing more on his own, exploring
+ AWESOME during haircut, even enjoyed trimmer around ears!
+ I called, “Dante!” and he answered, “¿Qué?” (“What?”)
+ Talk about a “subtle change”: I noticed Dante moving his head to kiss me on the cheek, as opposed to the wet-open-mouth-on-my-nose deal I usually get!
+ I intercepted him needing to go to the bathroom and went to walk him over. As we walked down the hallway to the bathroom I was saying for the 3,785th time, “Dante, you really need to do this in the bathroom…”, he very casually looked up at me and said, “I’m going!” That shut up my nagging for the time being…
- Lots of bouncing
- Lots of head banging mom & dad when he wants something
- Dark circles under eyes continue

I would love to think that his tolerance for foods is getting better. Usually, anything new or a diet infraction will mean great pain after the next day’s breakfast. Well, yesterday Dante grabbed a piece of red onion from the counter and ate it. I noticed it when it was too late and since he doesn’t spit out on command, I just offered him water to deal with the taste. He did not seem to mind the taste and this morning after breakfast he was uncomfortable for less than a minute. No Motrin needed, yes!

Super Adorable Sweet Boy
Dante was just wonderfully easygoing this weekend. Last Tuesday I jotted down on my notebook, Super Adorable Sweet Boy after pony therapy. This weekend he’s been even better. Plus, all the progress I noticed in the previous month during the bad yeast die-off has continued.
After all the ups and downs of the past month I am ready for this pretty pain-free but progress-filled time. As the snow continued to pile up outside yesterday, we wore pajamas all day and, in honor of that mood, even had time for a nap.  Oh, Dear Lord, thank you for this weekend! We are so ready for our boy to be this well on an on-going basis!

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Lucia Alonso said...

You should see my smile right now!!! I get so happy to read about my fellow moms children, it's Si great to read all the things he is doing! To others these are little things, to us they are HUGE!! Keep doing it Dante, we know you can:)