Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post DTaP 1M: Joy and Some Initiative!

Dante has completed the two doses of DtaP 1M between Friday and Monday.  He has had very happy days with mostly good things happening.  Below are the positives (+) and the not great (-) things observed.

+ I am SO HAPPY, Dante’s digestion seems to be improving!!!  He hasn’t had Motrin for 3 weeks!!!!  That is huge, since he sometimes needs it several times a week.  This weekend I made him a smoothie with his first mango ever and he did not have pain the next day.  He loved his smoothie!  Yeay!

+ I decided to test Dante’s ability to identify words.  Dante was thrilled.  I wrote two different words on separate post-it notes and either present them to him side by side from my hands, or sticking up side by side on the table in front of him.  He would pick his selection and then hand me the post-it note.  He chose correctly:  dog (vs. cat), two (vs. one), papa (vs. mama), No (vs. Si), and fish (vs. dog).  When he got tired he stopped paying attention and got up from his chair and walked away, so I went to do something on the computer.  A little while later he walked up to me and handed me the Sharpie marker I had used to write the words with, and I couldn’t figure out why he was doing that.  Next he went and sat at his table, where we were working choosing words.  That’s when I realized he wanted more word work!  Dante never wants more work!  That is a miracle indeed for my boy!!!

+ Added 2/25:  My brother just reminded me that we had a web video conference with his new baby and Dante was very engaged!  Usually he doesn't remain very long looking at the screen, but he sent a lot of kisses and enjoyed his uncle and cousin for several minutes.  It was great to see this exchange!

Signs of a typical child?
~ Just like at the doctor’s office last week, we went to the lab for some blood work and he recognized the office.  He was not happy at all but was very patient while they took his blood.

~ It is getting more and more difficult to give him his supplements and medicine.  He finally realized they don’t taste good!  He simply refuses them and I need to employ all sorts of tricks and games to get him to open his mouth before I drop the spoonful of health onto the floor!

Effects from the vaccine clearing?
(-) Hyperactive after remedy, was grabbing everything on the counter as we prepare meals and even the hot pots on the stove!
(-) For a few days, head was very sensitive while dressing and undressing.  On that same note, he was very uncomfortable at the pool and in his beloved bath.  He did not want to be in the water.  This lasted about 3 days
(-) Even after sensitivity passed, Dante became very sad at the pool.  He used his arms and legs and even put his face under water, but got upset soon after.  He was crying in a different manner, as though something was bothering him.  He came out of the water, ate a little, and when asked whether he wanted to go back in the water he shook his head “No”.  Next he walked over to the door to leave. This is so weird since he has always loved the pool, but for the past few weeks he has been really unhappy at the pool.  I thought it was just that his skin was sensitive, like those days that he would also come out of his bath.  But lately he is enjoying his bath, and still doesn’t enjoy the pool.
(-) Something I noticed this past week is patches of eczema on Dante’s wrists.  Dante used to have eczema on his arms as a baby, but that went away later, I think after the GFCF diet.  It was interesting to see this resurface with the DtaP clearing, as it is one of the symptoms associated with the vaccine.  Dante is constantly scratching these patches and that is how I noticed.

Today Dante went on a field trip with his class and was super happy.  His teacher stated that he had a great day.  I was thrilled!  Next we will go for the DtaP 10M potency.  May the progress continue!!!
Dante with friends Luna and Xiomara, today.

And for those who like data, I recommend this article sent to me by another blogger mom:  A homeopath from the UK studied a number of cases of children described as “Never Been Well Since Vaccination” or NBWS, and had been treated with the DTP remedy.  From the study of these cases he prepared a type of Materia Medica for DTP which provides a good list of symptoms that may be caused by the DTP vaccine. Of these symptoms I found Dante has exhibited quite a few sometime during his life:

GENERALITIES: Allergic reactions, loss of muscle control. Awkward, clumsy in gait. Rhythmic movements. High tolerance for pain and discomfort especially temperature changes. Late talking, late walking
MIND: Convulsions. Mental retardation. Epilepsy (petit mal and grand mal). Poor handwriting, left handed or ambidextrous, poor visual-motor co-ordination, Ritualistic behavior. Loves music, limited attention span. Bangs head (before sleep, on floor, into mother's chest), temper tantrums, wakes grumpy, irritable, charming, sucks thumb.  Retarded learning, reading and writing
STOMACH: babies have weak sucking reflex with gagging drooling or difficult swallowing, Stomach aches.  (Dante was not able to breastfeed successfully because he didn’t have the strength to suck).
EYES: strabismus, squint.
FACE: rings under eyes
MOUTH: Grinds teeth (often during sleep), talks late
STOMACH: Stomach aches.
ABDOMEN: Loose stool, flatulence, strong smelling.
URINARY: Increased urination.
SKIN: Eczema, with or without itching. 


Lucia alonso said...

When Alex started DTaP clear he had lots of sensitivity with his head and water also, interesting huh? He would scream before showers, once under the water he was calm again, he refused to take baths though, only showers. Before he never disliked baths, very interesting....
And about Dante not wanting his supplements I know it might seem like a bad thing but I see it as awesome news, it means his more ALERT!!!

Alex never complained about supplements either until he truly started to recover! I took multiple urine samples when doing biomedical, since he was in diapers I used the little bags you stick on them and he was ok with it, until he again started to recover!!!! After chelation I was never and I mean never ever able to ge one of those bags near him, but again it meant awareness and awareness means recovery!!!

Go Dante, keep giving momma a fight, it means you know what's happening and know what you want!!!

I'm super happy to see improvements, recovery Is Happening :)

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for your comments! It is so helpful to know that Dante's symptoms are shared with Alex, who has also gone through the same therapy.

I agree that refusing medicine and the doctor's office is a good sign! Yes, he is definitely more aware.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Lucia Alonso said...

No need to thank me, I'm glad to share, plus like you say it's hood to know if what's hapenning to our children happened to others while clearing. If you ask me it means it's working! Right? I know when I compared notes with my friend and saw similarities I was thrilled!!!

You have no idea how much joy it brings me to hear Dante is showing progress, I pray that he keeps healing, god is with us, and that means Dante will heal.