Monday, February 28, 2011

Post DTaP Summary

Dante just had his last dose of DTaP yesterday and I am super happy with the results so far.  First of all, most symptoms post-remedy have lasted a very short time and have not been difficult at all.  I wonder if the fact that he was using homeopathy for over a year before we started CEASE is currently helping him with the clearings...I don't know.  Anyway, he had a wonderful weekend!  

Dante went sledding on the snow for the first time!  He went with his babysitter’s family, her 8 year old son and his friends.  Dante had a great time with no tantrums!  He sled down four times, in spite of the fact that he complained climbing up the hill, of course.  He would have preferred to be carried up the hill! 

He is showing more age-appropriate behavior, standing casually and patiently while us adults chat.  He also engaged for a little while in a video conference call with my brother and his baby girl.  Dante also stayed with me on the couch while watching the Oscars last night, instead of standing by the TV requesting one of his DVDs be put on!  

Lastly, Dante is requesting more and more to play with his wood letters, spelling out words!  His desire to learn really warms my heart.  Today his babysitter tested him placing by 4 letters on the board and requesting that he give her a specific one.  He got 3 letters correct before he got tired (Yes, we need to work on that stamina!), and he got 3 colors correct on a different test she tried.  He is asking for this work every day, whereas before we would be able to do it maybe once, and then for months he would no longer show interest.  

Below I summarized his symptoms from the clearings and the gains we are seeing at this time.  As another blogger mom says, there is nothing better than to see your child happier and able to improve.  Nothing in this earth compares to the joy I feel observing my child become healthier and more connected.  We pray his healing continues in the easiest way possible!

Note:  some of the strongest symptoms were seen two days after Dante got the remedy

Date Clearing (-) Symptoms from Clearing
2/4/11 DTaP 30c -very tired, sleepy
2/11/11 DTaP 200c -red cheeks
-seizures - mild, about 4, fell asleep after
-frontal HB, headbutting us on the back
-sensitive to water, does not want to be in pool
-sensitive hands
-like yeast die-off symptoms:  increased peeing, very hungry and thirsty
-Sporadic heavy tantrums
2/18/11 DTaP 1M -Hyperactive day after remedy, grabbing everything
-Very sensitive head - upset during dressing and undressing
-frontal HB
-sensitive to water, does not want to be in pool
-Eczema on wrists - itchy
2/25/11 DTaP 10M -frontal HB
Post DTaP Positives
Digestive -Negligible pain after breakfast!!!   (No Motrin since Feb. 3, 3.5 weeks!)
Digestive -Tolerating new foods!!!
Gross Motor -Climbing bus steps very well!
Exploration -Putting head under water and blowing bubbles in bath
Exploration -Starting to stand and jump on Trampoline instead of sitting and bouncing
Self-Help -Peeing on potty! (He already has BMs on potty if intercepted on time!)
Awareness -Very interested in other foods
Awareness -Very interested in letters and words, wants to work!
Awareness -He's getting his letters correct when asked.
Connected -Words are coming out sporadically, mainly:  Again, Si, Agua, No (shaking head)
Connected -Very observant for a time after the remedy
Connected -Going to bed on his own when tired!
- Able to watch Oscars without demanding to watch his DVDs
-Sitting with Mom on couch instead of standing infront of TV
- Standing with adults, listening to conversation, engaging in video conference
-Very happy, enjoying everything more, enjoying friends more


Lucia alonso said...

This made today even better!!! My Alex is moving along and so is Dante, amen! God is listening and answering our prayers, let's keep following his lead it will get our kids very far, u will see :)

So so happy for you and Dante, homeopathy ROCKS!

Mom Connected said...

Thank you for your words! You're my cheerleader and I'm your cheerleader!!! :-)

Lucia Alonso said...

I am and always will be here for you and Dante. Siempre!