Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clearing the DtaP Vaccine – 30c potency

Dante had his first DtaP remedy dose on Friday, Feb. 4th, and had a fantastic weekend following that. He had his second DtaP dose three days later, on Monday. These are my notes on these days after the remedy:

• I began noticing symptoms from the clearing on the third night after the first dose, he slept a bit more than usual and I had to wake him for school.
• He was more tired than usual (especially on that third day), slept longer at night, and had half hour naps at school. His energy has increased as the days passed after the remedy. He went to bed on his own when tired!
• For a couple of days his hands and head were very sensitive. He got upset when I put lotion on his hands, put his shirts on over his head, and also when I brushed his teeth.
Today: Dante and Luna enjoy
the trampoline in very different ways
• His appetite went down in general.
• He was very happy at school, his words continue, and he’s been pretty easygoing. He approximates his babysitter’s name and called me “AM” (instead of “MA”? Yeah, I don’t get that either, but he’s used it with me for a while).
• He continues to play more on his own.
I will report again in a few days on how he is doing after the clearing symptoms pass.

Please wish us continued progress!


amy said...

Good luck with this clearing. It sounds like you are off to a great start.

Mom Connected said...

Oh, Thank you so much, Amy! Nothing like positive reinforcement from those who have been there! I really appreciate it.

JAS said...

hopefully good things will stay and bad things will go, prayers for your baby

Lucia alonso said...

Wow, I'm so excited to read about the changes CEASE is bringing for Dante!!!! Yay, if you are seeing changes it means it's working!!!!! Hoooray! God us good :) I will keep praying for Dante, I am sure he will get well, you just keep going, keep fighting, and most of all keep hoping! God will make our dreams come true!!!

Mom Connected said...

Thank you, Lucia! This positive reinforcement and good wishes are the best part about blogging! I am very lucky to have found all the parents out there who are also in this path of healing. It is a good thing!