Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moms know for sure

After a third dose of the DtaP 10M seven days ago, I believe Dante has been clearing out the many ear infections he had when he was a baby.  Why I think that is a long story, but here it is…

While Dante naps, mom blogs...
This week I had the pleasure of speaking with two other moms whose boys are also clearing vaccines using homeopathy.  It was so awesome to compare notes and notice all the similarities in our experiences.  Mom support has been the best blessing to come after I decided to blog about Dante’s process.  I encourage anyone else out there who is interested in this method, or is using it, to write a comment so that we may get in contact.  Everything changes when you share your experience with others.  I have learned so much.  These exchanges help me better understand how the process works to heal my child.
I wish to focus on just one of the clearing symptoms, teething, because I found it to be so interesting. Early during the week Dante began showing classic teething symptoms for him: heavy drooling, grinding teeth, eating slowly and taking the food out of his mouth and throwing it.  I was dismayed because the last thing I want is to have to deal with teething (which is terrible in Dante) while we are doing the vaccine clearing.  I discussed this with one of the moms and she really connected the dots for me.  The explanation may seem super weird to some, so I will begin by putting it in perspective.

I am currently reading Amy Lansky’s book Impossible Cure – The Promise of Homeopathy.  I am absolutely fascinated with her explanation of what symptoms are, how they come about, and how they may be healed or suppressed.  To summarize, let me quote a few parts (sections in italics):

Symptoms are usually manifestations of the body’s best attempt to heal itself – this means that the body will look for the kindest and most effective way to get rid of the disease.  The means of this healing process is the symptoms we experience.  Even though we tend to view symptoms as a nuisance, they are evidence of a healthy immune symptom doing its work. 

If you artificially suppress a symptom so that it never reappears, you may have the illusion of cure.  But in reality, the underlying disease state that is causing that symptom will have to find a different way to express itself.  Don’t forget, if the body’s symptoms reflect its battle against disease – a battle that is being waged in the most benign way possible – then its symptoms will usually be ones that are least damaging to health, given the circumstances.  Here Lansky is describing the progression towards disease, or deeper disease, if we choose to suppress the symptoms.  Later on she describes how the body heals with homeopathy.

…the successful homeopathic treatment of disease is often heralded by the reappearance of old symptoms.  In essence, the progression toward deeper disease is put into reverse; the outermost disease state is met by a remedy and is lifted, revealing layers that had been suppressed before.  These old symptoms can then be treated homeopathically, or, in many cases, do not need treatment at all- they simply “pass through” in lessened form and disappear by themselves.

Now going back to the teething symptoms, the heavy drooling passed within three days – why?  I did not detect any loose teeth.  When I discussed this with another mom she said she observed the same “tooth” pain in her son, only she thought he had pain from a cavity.  A visit to the dentist proved her wrong; there were neither cavities nor reason for pain there.  After much thinking the mom concluded – the pain is not from the teeth, it’s from the ear!  Her son, as well as mine, had several ear infections when very young, all of which were treated with antibiotics.  So what we are observing now is that, as we clear the effect of the DtaP vaccine, we also clear the cause of these ear infections.  A reappearance of the symptoms from the ear infections happens when that layer is lifted as the body heals their cause!

This connection made a lot of sense to me.  These symptoms have been the rough part of our week.  This next email from Dante’s teacher, however, reflects the good part of our week:

Dante did great today - he was extremely happy most of the day.  I was noticing some more mood swings this morning - he would be laughing out loud and smiling and in the same breath, start screaming and HBing.  I wasn't sure why the mood swings were so quick this morning.  They only lasted until about 11 then he was fine.  He didn't eat much, but took a 25 minute nap after lunchtime.  He popped up after 25 minutes and I tried to give him some more food, but he didn't want it.  He was very happy to play today (and we did that, too!), but didn't want to work at all.  This was the trend for the last few days - he is usually happy when there are no demands on him, but if we ask him to as much as walk forward, he would drop to the ground in protest.    

Some celebrations I wanted to share with you were that EVERYTIME Dante went to the bathroom, he went #1!!  His diaper wasn't too wet, either!  Also, I "caught" him pushing, so I took him to the bathroom and he had a BM on the toilet.  I was jumping up and down and clapping and Dante thought I was hilarious - he was smiling and clapping for himself, too!  It was a cute "potty moment"!  Also, Dante LOVES to look at himself in the mirror - I swear I think he spent a good 5-7 minutes laughing and looking at himself in the mirror in our room.  Afterwards, he was in SUCH a good mood, I started singing the song, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" - and he DID!!!!!  And I sang it again and he did it AGAIN!!! :)  I was so proud of him, because this is a song that we sing almost every morning at circle time and I was so proud of him that he could clap along with me! :)  

This email made my week. I just love that Dante is surprising us with improvements, all of which motivate his whole team to continue the work.  We pray for continued healing and progress!


amy said...

I loved Amy Lansky's book, it changed everything for me. I need to read it again. There is so much to learn. I am so happy for you regarding the clearings. It is wonderful to hear. God bless Dante! When Lizzy's body is working extra hard, homeschooling her is impossible. So we play instead.I feel that like all of us, if one feels like garbage one does not want to work. You want love and attention from those that you love. And that is exactly what you gave Dante. He is very blessed to have you as a mom. May God grant you guidance, strength and perserverance.

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for your comments, Amy. I do need all the guidance, strength and perseverance God will grant me! I think we are all His instruments, though, as your words encourage me and I hope mine encourage you. Lizzy and Dante sure take a village!

I also love to learn, it really helps me stay focused. I am fascinated by the process but hope to stay objective and carry on.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey and supporting mine!

Lucy alonso said...

Interesting that you mentioned the school subject. Alex has been experiencing the same things at school. Not the eating less part but not wanting to follow directions. He is perfectly fine until his teachers ask him to switch tasks or try to start tasks. This has been happening a little bit after starting DTaP clear.

One thing that his teacher said to me today and that I confirmed personally before speaking with her was: that he is not protesting to wash his hands anymore!!! Could this be the end tongue water issue? I sure hope so!

She also mentioned that today was a great day, Alex had very little protesting (1-2 minute, compared to a few minutes of screaming ), and that when she asked him to go to art, he did it with again very minimal protesting, and did all the art project on his own!!!! No direction or help needed!!!! He cut, colored, and glued all on his own, my sweet baby!
I almost cried also when she mentioned that he has been more affectionate to his buddies at school, even pairing up with some and sharing kisses with some!!!

Recovery is slowly but surely coming!!!

Mom Connected said...

Thank you for your message, Lucia! I find it very reassuring that Alex is going through similar issues! I am so happy to hear that his sensitivity to water is decreasing. I have found that Dante's comes and goes. Alex's work at school is very impressive. God Bless our little ones!!!