Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sometimes Mom complicates things for Dante!

This past week proved to me yet again that it is a very bad idea to try different things on Dante at the same time, even if all these things are supposed to help him.  Dante is very sensitive so even things that work for most of the other children may have a negative impact on mine.  Let me describe what happened.
Dante with his awesome swim teacher, Ms. Karyn

DTaP and seizures:

While Dante was clearing the DTaP vaccine over the last month, he would typically be very hungry and with low energy when he woke up.  He would become more energetic after breakfast, but about an hour later he sometimes had a very mild seizure.  As I have discussed in previous posts, the DTaP vaccine has been associated with seizures (convulsions) in cases of children who had “never been well” since they were given the vaccine.  Since seizures are a characteristic of the DTaP vaccine, they also characterize the DTaP remedy.  Therefore, these seizures in Dante are probably the effect of the homeopathic clearing of the DTaP vaccine.  As a toxin is cleared homeopathically, the person may actually experience some of the same symptoms they originally suffered from the toxin.  So for me it makes sense that, if the DTaP was at least part of the cause of Dante’s eventual seizures (they began in 2009 and not right after the vaccine), he may have seizures as we clear this toxin out. 

Along comes the Carnosine:

But no matter how much I may rationalize that these seizures are a sign of healing, it is always a stressful thing to go through.  So when another parent recommended I consider the use of Carnosine, which seems to help children with autism and seizures – I read about it and decided to try it with Dante.  I gave him about 100mg a day.  As a result, on the positive side, Dante had much more energy in the morning after getting up.  However, he still had about 3 ‘staring episodes’ that week, so I can’t say those decreased.  The worst part though was his mood swings.  He was hyperactive and not able to settle down, even at this relatively low dose.  The article I link to states, In some children, too high a dose may overstimulate some patient's frontal lobes which can cause increased irritability, hyperactivity or insomnia which was observed already in hyperactive autistic children.”  The other problem with trying the Carnosine is that we also increased his Sacc Off potency that same week, so it was difficult to understand what was caused by the Carnosine and what may be due to the change in Sacc Off.

Enough of the Carnosine!
Another very important thing that I reported to our homeopath is that during this time I was not seeing all the improvements that Dante had displayed while clearing the DTaP.  That is the most frustrating part of mixing up too many variables!!!  Anyway, in order to understand what was happening I needed to stop the Carnosine; I did that a week ago (one week was enough evidence that it was not working for Dante).  Five days later I began to see the more “connected” boy I had seen during the previous month!  Yeay, he’s back!

Ok, but that is not the only setback I have observed.  Dante’s digestion has gone backwards a little bit.  He’s also been eating less, drinking more, and drooling more these past few days.  I can’t tell if the change in his digestion is due to the change in Sacc Off potency or if he may be fighting a cold.  In order to determine whether the change in the Sacc Off potency is not helping him, I needed to stop the Sacc Off three days ago and wait to see how it affects him.  We will use this test to determine what potency of Sacc Off is best for him at this time.  I will also see if these cold symptoms go away!

The lesson for Mom:
So what is the lesson in all this?  Over the years I have come to understand (although I may not always act like I do) that having access to so many interventions and ideas may sometimes create more confusion than clarity.  This process requires so much patience, and our patience is continuously being tested by every idea that comes along that may be beneficial for our child.  I thank my homeopath for calming me down and helping me focus on what things are important.  It was he who really helped me to try one thing at a time, and give it enough time to see the results. 

The good part of the week:
Having over a week since the last DTaP dose, Dante had no sensitivity to the pool water this week.  He really enjoyed his lesson and showed a lot of enthusiasm and initiative.
Here are some pictures showing how well he did in his swim class this past week!  He was very connected and really wanted to go under water to pick up the plastic penguins!
Dante goes underwater to pick up the plastic penguins
Up Next:
This week we need to figure out what to do with the Sacc Off, so that we may begin our next clearing:  the MMR vaccine.  Please wish us much patience and progress!

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Lucy Alonso said...

Boy do I know about getting too greedy about our kids recovery. We want them well that at the sound of any possiblitity of progress we sometimes loose it. I totally understand you girl, don't feel bad. We have all been there and done that, if only our desperation would not take over, but we are human lets not forget.

I wish you all the best of luck with the MMr clear, I hope you see great results. In Alex's case we saw much more willingness to new foods, soft foods, and better digestion in general. I will pray that you get the same. Keep up the good work momma, you will get Dante there, no tengo ninguna duda.