Sunday, March 6, 2011

DTaP continued

Dante, being very good at the supermarket
On page 65 of Amy Lansky’s book, Impossible Cure – The Promise of Homeopathy, Lansky states, “Autism and other behavioral problems have also been linked to the DPT vaccine (for diphteria, pertussis, tetanus), because of convulsions or cerebral inflammation that occurred hours or days after administration of the vaccine [Coulter 90].”  This statement matches some information I posted on 2.23.11, where I listed the symptoms associated with the DPT vaccine, as investigated by a British homeopath.  Within these symptoms the homeopath listed convulsions and epilepsy.  This information, echoed in different publications, matches some of my observations of Dante over the last week.

On Sunday he took his second dose of DTaP 10M.  I did it a day earlier than usual to see if he would still have a negative reaction to the pool on Wednesday.  Well, what I observed from the second day through the sixth day after the remedy was he was peeing quite a bit overnight and then he had low energy upon waking.  He would eat breakfast and take his medication and his supplements.  However, even after all the nutrients, he would have a short “staring episode”, as I call the subtlest seizure activity.  He would become quiet and stare for a few seconds, and then it passed and he was fine.  He didn’t fall asleep afterwards or anything. It was as though he was slightly dehydrated when he woke up, would have a short staring episode after breakfast, and would get better as the day wore on.  What is so interesting to me is that the DTaP remedy has brought out in Dante the same symptom as the vaccine has been said to cause, seizures.  This is part of the vaccine clearing process, as the symptoms initially caused by the vaccine may be exhibited after taking the remedy and when they pass, healing is expected.

I will report that his days got happier and happier the further he got from the remedy dose.  I also proved my idea that the remedy was making him very sensitive to the pool water!  By Wednesday the remedy had worn off enough and he was completely different in the pool than how he had been the previous Wednesday.  He enjoyed himself thoroughly and used his arms and legs very well.  Another blogger mom wrote me a comment that while on the DTaP remedy her son would not even tolerate a bath.  He would only take a shower.  So now I know to leave enough time before Dante’s swim class so that the remedy doesn’t intervene with his therapy.

There were a few somewhat rough mornings this week, but it all came to a good end today.  I took Dante to the supermarket to buy his food.  He always requests to get in the cart and ride throughout the whole trip.  Today, however, I knew he would not fit in the shopping cart with all the squash, vegetables, and meats.  I was wondering how difficult this particular trip could become once he knew he wouldn’t be riding in the shopping cart!

Dante was very curious about the supermarket, this particular one is very nice and he never gets to visit it with me.  I did not put him in the cart but decided to just hold his hand as we went through.  We went and ordered some meat from the butcher, then went to the front of the store to fill up on squash and other vegetables, then we went to the back again to pick up the meats.  Dante did not run away!  He would walk a few feet away from me to investigate different things, but when I asked him to stay close to me, he did!  I was so surprised!  He also never requested to sit inside the cart!  That’s pretty amazing given the fact that it is the first thing that he requests when we go shopping anywhere!  He was even awesome at the checkout, where we had to wait a little bit and where he decided to ask for food. 

After paying I parked our cart and took him to the dining area for lunch, which he was requesting.  He really enjoyed this as well, ate well and was very happy. 

I must say that was a pretty unexpected and neat gift.  Dante’s composure at the supermarket totally made my day.  This is an example of the wonderful gifts brought about by continued healing, and I pray that we get many more!

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Lucia alonso said...

You will get many more I'm sure. Just keeping tracking his changes, progress, etc. These notes and through blogging will help you figure things out. I love to read about Dantes progress, it makes my day too :)

I'm starting our second round of the DTaP clearing tomorrow night, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will go a lot smoother since we have acupuncture in the picture now. Keep up the great work, I'm positive Dante will keep healing and will keep making your days great. Just keep the faith and hope cones with that so your all set!

We are cheering you on Dante, keep moving forward, pa tras ni pa dar impulso!!!