Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dante's Deep Dive ~ On Film!

Today Dante's school teacher reported, "Dante worked great this morning!  I mean EXCELLENT!"  "*did a beautiful job working today!*"  YEAY!!!  We're working on getting those news every day!  

This past Wednesday Dante also had an awesome swimming lesson.  He was very interested in all the activities and I was able to film him in action!  This post is a tribute to his teacher, Ms. Karyn, who always finds creative ways to take him to the next level.  First, I wanted to capture the joy he shows when first stepping into the pool.  It is as though he can't contain himself with pure excitement...   

Dante is joyful as he steps into the pool this week 
(more movies...)

Next they are practicing how to alternate "paddling" with the arms (the teacher says "Nice Paddles").  Dante has is just beginning to alternate the arms, instead of moving them both forward at the same time.

Nice paddling

I loved this next activity.  Ms. Karyn held a mirror underwater and Dante was encouraged to place his face in the water to look at himself. He would also blow bubbles while he was under.  He really enjoyed this and I thought it was such a clever idea!
Looking underwater

Lastly, Dante has been picking up these rubber penguins from the bottom of the pool for a while, but he has done this in the shallow end of the pool.  This time, Ms. Karyn placed the penguins in the deep end and asked him to pick a specific number.  I think after picking the number 1, Dante realized that he was going "deeper" than he is used to and had second thoughts.  See what I mean in the films...

Dante picks up penguin #1 from the bottom of the pool

Dante attempts to pick up penguin #2

Thank you for enjoying Dante's films.  Please wish us continued health and progress!

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