Saturday, March 26, 2011

Other children are great teachers

This week has been rough for Dante because he again displayed yeast die-off symptoms like in December and January (pain on and off until 11am, very thirsty, very hungry, did not really want to work), and this morning he had a runny nose.   That means that part of his attitude this week was the cold coming on. I am glad that we still haven’t received the MMR remedy, so I don’t feel the pressure to begin that clearing just yet.

Dante with his cousin, Angela, 2008

The highlight of my week was meeting with Dante’s teacher and listening to her stories about Dante and his friends.  Dante attends a first-grade-only school that includes about 300 students.  Dante is in a Special Education classroom with another little boy.  As the weather warms up they have been able to go outside with the other children and, to Dante’s delight, there are swings!!!  He could definitely stay on the swing the whole recess time, but apparently a line of children forms because many of them want to use one of the several swings available.  The teacher has been working with a few of the children and Dante in forming a short line and having Dante wait for his turn at the swing.  If the line is longer than three kids he’s probably not going to tolerate it.  And per the teacher the line is usually up to 35 children long!

Anyway there is a little boy named Matthew who loves playing with Dante.  That, of course, warms my heart immensely because Dante is not really able to form friendships, although he is very interested in other children and enjoys being with them.  Well, the minute Dante is on the playground Matthew will come up to him and greet him very close up.  Matthew loves to hold Dante’s hand and “help him”.  The teacher decided to work with this and make Matthew her official helper with Dante.  Matthew gets to hold one of Dante’s hands, while the teacher holds the other.  The teacher next decided to play a game of running, to teach Dante to respond to “Ready…Set...Go!” and later, “STOP!”  and so Matthew and the teacher race with Dante and play this game that is very fun for the boys.  The hilarious part is that many of the other first graders on the playground have taken notice of this apparently very fun game that is happening to the side of the playground!  The teacher tells me that about thirty children have decided to join in on the sidelines of Matthew and Dante’s racing game and yell out, “READY…SET...GO!” and later, “STOP!”  They are all participating and enjoying the fun that Dante and Matthew are having!  That is just a wonderful experience for all of them. 

Dante and his 2nd cousin, Alberto Andrés, 2008

In other news, I am still expecting the MMR remedy to arrive any day soon.  Other parents have told me that it has greatly benefited their child’s digestion.  Dante really needs a healthier digestion that could help us move away from his strict diet and eat many other healthy foods.  The clearing symptoms the other children have experienced are lots of crying and anger –Great.  Hopefully any clearing symptoms will not be constant nor for a long time.

Despite the rough times this week, Dante has continued to exhibit many of the gains achieved so far.  When he feels better his few words come out and he makes himself understood with words, signs, or PECs.  He is definitely more connected and enjoying everything more.  It’s very fun to see his tastes emerging too.  I play a Menudo album for him in the car and he definitely enjoys some songs more than others.  If any of you remember the song, “Chiquitita” by ABBA, let me tell you that the Spanish version sung by Menudo is a hit with my boy.  When he hears just one or two of the first notes he says, "¡Siiiiiiii!" ("Yes!").  You may enjoy it here via youtube.  

And on that note I leave you, that you may enjoy the music in your child’s heart, with a prayer for continued progress and patience to get through it!

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Lucy said...

Awww. How cute, what an awesome teacher and aweso e little friend Dante has. I love to hear stories about Alex playing with kids and even kidding them goodbye at times. Stories like these sure melt my heart!

Hope u see great results from the MMR clear! I'll be crossing my fingers and praying!