Thursday, January 27, 2011

Does the remedy Saccharum Officinale fit Dante?

Saccharum Officinale is the first remedy we started Dante on after learning about CEASE therapy.  This remedy, said to help with disorders in the metabolism of carbohydrates, is made from the fresh juice of the sugar-cane.
Dante, looking connected at 3 years old

I read Tinus Smits’s writings (see References below) on this remedy and the characteristics of the children who benefited from it.  Smits stated that these children often exhibit one or another extreme of a characteristic, for example, “must constantly eat or will not eat at all”. I list below the characteristics that Dante exhibits, but note that other Saccharum children exhibit the complete opposite characteristic:

  • Digestive problems… often constipation and flatulence and pain in the abdomen.
  • Most Saccharum children are thin…
  • Drooling or excessive salivation
  • Mouth constantly open
  • Has to eat immediately when he wakes in the morning
  • Has to eat frequently
  • Sucking of fingers
  • Putting everything in the mouth
  • Great need for cuddling,
  • Always seeking attention (having pain is one of their methods)
  • Like Hypoglycemia:  sleeplessness is ameliorated by eating

These additional statements also made me curious about the remedy's potential for Dante:
  • If you recall from my earlier posts, Dante was taking Lycopodium Clavatum until last week.  On Smits’s website it states, “The Lycopodium patient is another to be considered [for Saccharum]. When you are sure that you have a Lycopodium patient and the remedy doesn't work, there is a great chance that the remedy is Saccharum.”
  • Tinus Smits also stated, “I would define the essence of this remedy as: lack of self love, leading to fear not to deserve his mother’s love and to fear to be abandoned by her…this fear is…not always displayed.”  The fascinating detail about this statement is that years ago Dante was seen by a chiropractor and holistic medicine practitioner.  After seeing Dante for a while one of the things this man stated was that he understood that while Dante was in my womb he felt that he did not deserve the nutrients he got from me.  I will never know if that is indeed true but I immediately remembered it when I read about this remedy.

Dante began taking this remedy last Friday, January 21, 2011 and the week has been good so far, way better than last week.  I want to give it a little bit more time before summarizing my early observations on it, however.  Lastly, I give thanks to the father who recommended I look into sequential homeopathy.  Yes, I am open to research any approach that may refine our process and make it more effective.  I will look into it.

Wish us progress!


Saccharum officinale  The magic sugar


Anonymous said...

what has happened?
saccharum officinale worked for Dante?

now using tuberculinum with my daughter and hyperactivity, restlessness and grouchiness remains king...

Mom Connected said...

Thank you for your comment!
Yes, Saccharum worked on Dante for a while. If you read more recent posts you will see his evolution through the vaccine clearings, seizures for one year, and now on to Helium, which brought his seizures to zero. The work continues, however, there is much to continue healing!