Starting Point

Part of the reason I decided to blog was to objectively show any changes in a child that has multiple & profound autistic features.  I figure that if Dante is able to improve, the CEASE homeopathic therapy should benefit quite a bit of children with autism-- Dante being the most "involved" case I know of!

I want to define "involved" so that it is clear what I am talking about.  This Starting Point is where Dante is at right now, January 2011, after over a year of improvement provided by homeopathy and his diet.  The list is long because I wanted to cover as many aspects of my son as possible.  The goal is simple:  a boy connected, healthy, happy, and as functional as possible.  

Wish us progress!

Issues as of Jan. 2011 - 7 years oldInitial comments - Jan 2011Update - Sept 2011
Good taste in music!
Infantile preferences in DVDs and toys.
Appears to not learn or learn very slowly
Able to answer simple questions correctly when presented with choice answers (2 or 3) to pick fromThis ability is best displayed when he is very connected.  It seldom happens when he doesn't even wish to engage in the exchange or is reluctant to "do the work".Very engaged when doing Dtap clearing.
Unable to execute a simple, geometric, puzzle on his own
Does not point, nor does he follow with his gaze if you point to something
Able to choose from multiple PECs the symbol for something he wants, or when he's tired or not feeling well.  He will bring the PEC to an adult to communicate.This has improved tremendously in the last year.  Homeopathy has really helped Dante become more effective with his communication.
Few words, some phrases/sentencesConsistent use of: "A-ua (Agua)", "Si", starting to say "Yeah" and "Ok".  Much more frequent and varied use of words after Prevnar clear and taking Calcium.
Able to repeat letter sounds following book: "T", "Z"
Saying letters that appear on DVD

Inconsistent use of: "Yo quie-o ___ (I want ___)", "No", "All Done"Much more frequent and varied use of words after Prevnar clear and taking Calcium.
Weak articulation

Clearer speech is being heard
Low volume

Good volume
Mainly in Spanish

In Spanish and English

Not potty trained

Much more frequently letting me know he needs to go potty
Not able to dress or undress himself

Not able to feed himself without some help

Not able to bathe himself


Minimal fine grasp

Able to turn thick book pages with right hand, not able to hold other side of the book with left hand

Minimal weight bearing, he really doesn't carry anything with his hands

Some weight bearing observed with DTaP and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Minimal writing skills, will seldom grab a pencil to scribble

Will sometimes grab a pen or marker and attempt to write, but lasts about 2 seconds!

Usually has a huge belly.

Able to digests foods that are very easy.  Trying new foods is difficult.  Even probiotics and enzymes are difficult to introduce.

All digestive areas have improved tremendously since the start of CEASE.  We stopped the Specific Carbohydrates diet and have been doing a very healthy varied diet.
Often has stomach pain if anything in his diet changes.

Seldom has stomach pain!  No more Motrin!

Deeply enjoys sharing what he likes.  He seeks company when his favorite songs come on a DVD and joyfully enjoys them with someone else.
He walks over to an adult and seeks eye contact when something he likes is on TV.  He doesn't pull you by the hand nor point to the TV, however.
Very engaged with great eye contact, this has tremendously improved as well
Has no real "friends", although shows a lot of interest in children and what they do.  He really enjoys adults and children.


eyes misaligned
-This gets worse when sick or not feeling well (observed ~95% of the time).  
Eyes are generally very well aligned now

-Improves substantially (ocassional eye misalignment, ~20% of the time) with increase in probiotics or when he is well.
pupils are often dilated when in light
*improved somewhat by age 6

poor eye contact
-Improves substantially (~55% normalized) with increase in probiotics and after yeast die-off.
Eye contact has improved very much, but it is not yet truly normalized
sensitive to light

Poor tracking from side to side


Hands are very sensitive and always cold

Hands are no longer cold!
Overheats easily in early Summer, gets lethargic and bright red

Was not as sensitive to heat this Summer.
Seeks hugs and cuddling quite a bit.


Loves sudden loud noises, will tip wood chairs back and let them fall forward

Actually enjoys people screaming or babies crying

Slams cabinet doors and drawers for the noise!

Seldom slams cabinet doors and drawers

Constant drooling
-Drooling is copious when sick, not well, or very tired (soaks through bibs and soaks front of shirt within 1 hour)
No longer drooling unless he's teething or sick

- When well, there is some slight drooling (small wet spot on his shirt pretty constant throughout one day).  This will increase at night when he becomes tired.
Mouthing hands and objects - pretty constant

Mouthing happened with MMR clearing but has not continued
Mouth always open

Mouth is now closed much more!
Still pulls on toilet paper, unrolls it, and puts it in his mouth


Does not wave good-bye

Weak coordination when not feeling well.

Difficulty/Unsafe going down stairs, must hold on to railing

Not able to do alternate arms/legs movement for crawling

Not able to pedal bicycle 


Dark circles under eyes
Worse during yeast die-off

Gets hot red right ear


Bouncing on knees
Associated with digestive pain or discomfort.

Headbanging on walls, floor, people.  
This is much worse if he's not feeling well or in pain.  It has decreased in general with homeopathy and SCD (diet).
Headbanging has decreased to a minimum.  Now it is associated to him being in bad pain mainly.
Sucking his fingers
As he gets older he is more able to soothe himself, sucking his fingers is one of his methods.

Hits counter top with teeth when they hurt/teething

Runs in circles when very excited


On his forearms and cheeks from infancy through ~3.5 years old -- resolved with diet

Molluscum Contagioso
began at Age 6, burned off by doctor twice

Very Dry Hair


Blows raspberries while drumming lips with hands
Observed randomly

Holds his ear while he blows raspberries
Observed randomly

Shakes head from left to right multiple times
Observed randomly


Specific, infantile books

Has really enjoyed more complex books and varied new music.
Specific, Sesame Street DVDs
Some signs of interest in other, more demanding, things:  Lion King, Dr. Seuss cartoons

Will tantrum in my car if I don't play his preferred music.  Happens more when he's "off".


No pretend or imaginary play

Mainly plays with cause and effect toys or toys that play music as a response

Does not play with cars or trains appropriately

Will throw ball and watch it roll, loves hard balls that make noise on floor

Will get ball to play appropriately for several minutes
Needs assistance to play with non cause and effect toys, difficulty initiating play by himself


very controlled with Keppra, mild seizures observed less than 5 times per year
Seizures have increased and went from staring seizures to very sudden and quick myoclonic seizures, which may make him fall
Very controlled since 2009 via Specific Carbohydrates Diet.
Not sure how controlled this is since his changes in diet, but have not seen negative consequences.

No sensitivity to sound

No sensitivity to food textures

Not really sensitive to changes in schedule

Does not require his surroundings to stay constant

Not violent

No trouble sleeping

Greatly enjoys being with children but doesn't know how to play with them

Now Dante constantly uses the PEC for "Family".  He just loves having people around.