Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Tale of Desperaux

Amy reads The Tale of Desperaux.
Dante signs MORE because she reached the end of a chapter.
Last weekend Amy was reading The Tale of Desperaux to Dante.  It is a long chapter book with big words such as “Chiaroscuro” and “dungeon”, which I’m pretty sure Dante has never heard.   Dante delighted us as he signed “MORE” every time Amy stopped when she reached the end of a chapter.  They stopped reading after 142 pages not because Dante stopped listening, but because Amy's throat dried up!  That’s the longest and most complicated book my son has paid attention to.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!

About Earth and Worms:  On my last post I detailed the long and winding road we have been on that eventually led us to find Kerri Rivera’s protocol for autism.  A few weeks prior to learning about Kerri, I had learned about Diatomaceous Earth (DE). We started giving it to Dante for his constipation.  Weeks later, reading Kerri’s book, I learned that DE helps to kill parasites and that parasites cause seizures:

Diatomaceous earth…properly ground, [is] harmful to parasites, fungi, yeast, worms, and amoebas.
In a presentation by Andreas Kalcker, he stated that high levels of ammonia in the body can cause seizures and the high levels of ammonia in the body come from parasites.

This relationship between parasites and seizures is completely new to me.  What a welcome surprise to find that DE helps to kill parasites! Interestingly enough, four weeks after starting to give Dante DE, his quick nod seizures stopped (he could have up to 30 in a day).  This is a HUGE victory as Dante is most at risk from a sudden fall due to a nod.  The work is not done, however, as he may still have grand-mal seizures.  Here's our latest update...