Dante, Summer 2010
  • A Concise Guide to Homeopathic Medicine - Homeopathy is an old and proven method for healing.  For the best results, I highly recommend finding a recommended homeopathic consultant to work with.
  • CEASE therapy (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression)   
  • Ipad speech App - Proloquo2go - this is an application Dante uses to communicate.  When you press the image with your finger, the ipad speaks for you.
  • PECs - (Picture Exchange Communication System) this is one of the ways Dante uses to communicate, with pictures!
  • Specific Carbohydrates Diet - this is the diet we use to eliminate yeast and heal Dante's intestine -- it works!
  • The Horse Boy - this book is the fascinating and well written account of a father who engages horses and shamans in the journey (literally) to heal his son from autism.