Sunday, July 22, 2012

Zero Meds, Zero Seizures, Thriving Dante: all with Helium

Dante has gained six pounds in the last three weeks.  He is running faster than ever, fooling around and laughing heartily.  He is pooping daily so he has no more rashes.  He is excited and loving life.  He is sleeping well.  He has been seizure free for 8 weeks and is not taking any medications.  Dante is thriving, God bless him.  Life at our house is completely different thanks to the Helium homeopathic remedy and the Modified Atkins for Seizures.

Dante enjoys Abuelo and Abuela, fresh off the plane from Puerto Rico
We are very happy to have Abuelo and Abuela visiting from Puerto Rico.  They could not believe how well Dante is doing.  My mom says he is a “different boy”.  They last saw him 7 months ago when he was having drop seizures.  We started using the Helium homeopathic remedy with Dante 2 months ago and the changes have been profound.