Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dante's Deep Dive ~ On Film!

Today Dante's school teacher reported, "Dante worked great this morning!  I mean EXCELLENT!"  "*did a beautiful job working today!*"  YEAY!!!  We're working on getting those news every day!  

This past Wednesday Dante also had an awesome swimming lesson.  He was very interested in all the activities and I was able to film him in action!  This post is a tribute to his teacher, Ms. Karyn, who always finds creative ways to take him to the next level.  First, I wanted to capture the joy he shows when first stepping into the pool.  It is as though he can't contain himself with pure excitement...   

Dante is joyful as he steps into the pool this week 
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Other children are great teachers

This week has been rough for Dante because he again displayed yeast die-off symptoms like in December and January (pain on and off until 11am, very thirsty, very hungry, did not really want to work), and this morning he had a runny nose.   That means that part of his attitude this week was the cold coming on. I am glad that we still haven’t received the MMR remedy, so I don’t feel the pressure to begin that clearing just yet.

Dante with his cousin, Angela, 2008

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sometimes Mom complicates things for Dante!

This past week proved to me yet again that it is a very bad idea to try different things on Dante at the same time, even if all these things are supposed to help him.  Dante is very sensitive so even things that work for most of the other children may have a negative impact on mine.  Let me describe what happened.
Dante with his awesome swim teacher, Ms. Karyn

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moms know for sure

After a third dose of the DtaP 10M seven days ago, I believe Dante has been clearing out the many ear infections he had when he was a baby.  Why I think that is a long story, but here it is…

While Dante naps, mom blogs...
This week I had the pleasure of speaking with two other moms whose boys are also clearing vaccines using homeopathy.  It was so awesome to compare notes and notice all the similarities in our experiences.  Mom support has been the best blessing to come after I decided to blog about Dante’s process.  I encourage anyone else out there who is interested in this method, or is using it, to write a comment so that we may get in contact.  Everything changes when you share your experience with others.  I have learned so much.  These exchanges help me better understand how the process works to heal my child.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

DTaP continued

Dante, being very good at the supermarket
On page 65 of Amy Lansky’s book, Impossible Cure – The Promise of Homeopathy, Lansky states, “Autism and other behavioral problems have also been linked to the DPT vaccine (for diphteria, pertussis, tetanus), because of convulsions or cerebral inflammation that occurred hours or days after administration of the vaccine [Coulter 90].”  This statement matches some information I posted on 2.23.11, where I listed the symptoms associated with the DPT vaccine, as investigated by a British homeopath.  Within these symptoms the homeopath listed convulsions and epilepsy.  This information, echoed in different publications, matches some of my observations of Dante over the last week.