Thursday, April 28, 2011

Addendum to Water-based Detoxing Vacation post...

I can't believe I forgot to add a key piece of Dante's water based vacation: 

Dante's therapeutic water festivities with little cousins Juliana and Mariana!  My nieces are a total feast in the miniature pool my mom set up for them on her deck.  Dante is totally amused by their games.  Their joy was refreshing for us all.  

¡Gracias, Primitas!

Mariana displays her usual 'joie de vivre',
while Juliana played with a teapot
Dante is always amused by Mariana

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Water-Based Detoxing Vacation

It's been a full week since Dante and I have been on vacation with our family in Puerto Rico.  During this time he is also 3/4 of the way into his first MMR vaccine clear.  Sounds incompatible, right?  You would think that the words "vacation" and "detox" should not be on the same sentence.  All I have to say is:  Thank God for Water.

Yes, the reason we have survived these days in the sun is because of the sheer amount of water applied to all of Dante's needs.  A summary of our water-based detoxing vacation is:
Dante's connected smile

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Homeopathy makes a Tropical Paradise even Better

Dante, soaked from Grandma's water hose

Yesterday Dante and I traveled to Puerto Rico to visit our family. I was a little concerned because Dante had not slept prior to the flight as much as he usually does, and I knew he would get sleepy and uncomfortable on the plane. I always get stressed out about how he will do on the plane when we travel.  I want him to be happy and I don't want to inconvenience the rest of the passengers. Later on I was telling my husband how surprised I was about how calm I had felt during our whole trip! I slept only 5 hours the night of the trip, yet I was not stressed out nor in a hurry – I felt awesome! My own homeopathic remedy is really helping me to be very well balanced.  That makes any vacation truly enjoyable!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More days into the MMR Clearing...

First MMR Dose
Dante had his first ever MMR dose nine days ago.  With that first dose, here were his clearing symptoms and some good things observed:
- Huge appetite, waking up early to eat
- He was very angry and desperate (with headbanging) when hungry, this passed after he ate.
- Spitting out food often
- Multiple bowel movements, many creamy or fluffly
- Warmer hands (his hands are usually cold)
- More tired and sleepy than usual
- Some hyperactivity, passed quickly
Dante swims backwards on his own initiative

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some lessons and the start of MMR clearing…

New Discovery: Coconut water,
Tried and True:  Probiotic
Note:  This post is about clearing the toxic imprint from vaccines homeopathically.  A lot of children are left with non-resolved issues after a vaccine, like my son Dante.  This blog is about the process we follow to help Dante detox from the vaccines and become the full boy he is meant to be.

We’ve taken a few weeks longer than expected to begin the MMR vaccine clearing, but I won’t complain.  These past few weeks helped to somewhat stabilize Dante after the DTaP clearing, got him over a cold, and taught me a few things before we move forward.  Some key things I’ve learned, and some I have had to re-learn are:

  • No matter what you may think, Do NOT stop the probiotics!
On several occasions I have blamed Dante’s probiotics for an increase in his pain and headbanging, and have stopped giving him the daily dose.  The truth is, when yeast die-off occurs, those negative symptoms are going to increase and it is not because of the probiotic!  
I want the good bacteria to be there when the yeast leaves.  If probiotics are stopped and weeks pass, Dante’s behavior gets worse, he gets more pain, more intolerance, and with it more headbanging.  Stopping the probiotics actually works against what I want to achieve.  So I had to re-learn to NOT stop the probiotics.  Time has taught me that probiotics help Dante come back to his best behavior as soon as soon as any aggravation passes, including any yeast die-off.