Saturday, June 25, 2011

It got worse before it got better

Dante, much calmer during the week
I last posted on Sunday, before things got a whole lot worse; here’s our story.  Dante was headbanging on and off pretty much all day.  Mid-afternoon I decided to check whether one of his teeth was coming loose, thinking that may be what had him so unhappy.  That was not a good idea.  Dante was extremely sensitive and my pushing on a couple of his teeth sent him into a horrible tantrum. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Roughest Part of MMR Clearing

Two months ago, while on vacation, we gave Dante the MMR 1M vaccine remedy.  We noticed that clearing was definitely harder for Dante than the lower potencies.  It is no different this time around.  He had his second MMR 1M dose four days ago.  The next morning was rough; he was very uncomfortable and unable to eat much.  The day after that was very rough.  To describe ‘very rough’ – it is as though Dante becomes desperate.  He runs around crying and lies down on the floor to hit the back of his head on the floor.  He also did not want to eat much and had a lot of pain after meals while he is aggravated. The aggravations mean that Dante still has a toxic imprint from this vaccine.  If that is the case, we might want to repeat this MMR clear yet again sometime in the future.

PECs for the things that soothe Dante

Are the aggravations worth it?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Halfway through second MMR Clearing

New:  I just added a new page to the blog to help anyone looking for the summarized information on the MMR clearing.  The page is called “MMR Summary”, and you can access it via a tab on the top of each page.  Soon I will provide the same type of summary for the DTaP clearing.

This past week: Dante had his two MMR 200c doses, bringing us to the halfway point of this second MMR clearing.  Dante had the week off as his Summer Camp begins next week.  He was happy and well behaved for the most part of the week.  Towards the end of the week, things took a downturn.  He had pain after meals more often, and creamier BMs.  Yesterday was very rough, as he was extremely sensitive over any little thing and would tantrum often.  He also did not want to eat much.  I had given him two small teaspoons of my chocolate ice cream the day before and wondered whether that did it.  Today’s BMs were very yeasty, so I know that part of it was classical and painful yeast die-off.  Today Dante was much better, Thank God!  I was able to take him to Target, Old Navy, and the supermarket with me and he really enjoyed looking at everything.  He loves being out and about.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

MMR Clearing – a second time around

This week was Dante’s last week in first grade. Here are pictures from his last day of school, as we waited for the school bus. He had a very happy week. We will definitely miss his teacher Mrs. B, the classroom aide Mr. Matt, and all the wonderful staff and bus people that cared and taught Dante so lovingly this year. Dante will go to a new school for second grade.

Last day of first grade!