The DTaP vaccine was the first clearing we did, in January-February 2011.  The aggravations occurred within the first three days after the clearing and were relatively mild, lasting maybe up to a day.  The improvements in bold were still observed months later.  We decided to repeat this clearing in August 2012 – see the summaries below…

DTaP – February 2011
Improvements Observed
These aggravations were relatively mild, lasting maybe up to a day.
- Hyperactive, wanting to grab everything
- Very sensitive to water (pool or bath)
- Very sensitive to being dressed or having hair or teeth brushed
- Periods of sad crying
- Patches of itchy eczema on wrists
+ Gut is improving, Dante stopped needing Motrin (which he would take once or more per week for tummy aches)
+ Staying close when in public places!
+ Climbing and using his gross motor and fine motor skills more
+ More age appropriate social interaction and behavior with adults
+ Requesting Work!  Interested in being challenged, wants to play with letters and numbers
+- Recognizing doctors’ offices and medicines – dislikes both!

DTaP – August 2012 
Improvements Observed
- Refuses to have teeth brushed (sensitive teeth?) – this lasted 1 week
- Patches of itchy eczema on wrists
- Did not want nails clipped (sensitive hands)
- 1 liquid BM
- Almost 1 week after 200c dose: threw up at school once and had a red circular mark on his bottom (no swelling or anything).  He was super happy later on though, no other symptoms.
+ (Initially) Huge Appetite, drinking lots
+ Wants to try new foods, very curious
+ Very loving and communicative, requesting lots of interaction using his PECs (Picture Exchange Communication)
+ RELAXED! TOLERANT!  Wow, this change is amazing.  Even when tired or hungry, he is NOT tantruming!
+ Pretty tolerant of foods, minimal discomfort
+ Very connected at pool, walked over to our lounge chairs without being directed
+ Very accurate fine motor use when finding numbers on microwave oven.
+ Willing and able to use his hands more.  This is HUGE for a child who barely uses his hands!

Here is a detailed account of another boy's experience with the DTaP clearing: Mission: Jonah.

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