About the Boy

Fall 2010, First Day of 1st Grade
As of January, 2010, Dante is a seven-year-old non-verbal and adorable boy who is as much a source of joy as he can be a ton of work.  Although he really enjoys life, there are a lot of things he is not able to do.  He enjoys music, swimming, and horse therapy, but he is not potty trained, not able to dress himself, and not fully able to feed himself.  It is difficult to determine Dante’s cognitive level, although he is able to communicate via PECs, a couple of signs, and lately using his Ipad.  He’s also had several (relatively mild) seizures, which are controlled with medication.  And he has stomach pain, a lot of stomach pain.  He is on a special diet, the Specific Carbohydrates Diet, which has helped him lots.  And he’s used homeopathy since late 2009 which, together with his diet, have made Dante a much more stable and very happy boy.

This blog is about our experience following the CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autistic Expression) therapy with Dante.  CEASE implies a change in the homeopathic approach we follow for Dante; it is designed to more directly address the root causes of Dante’s issues.   The therapy will begin in early 2011.  My goal for this site is to present his current autistic traits, how Dante reacts to the CEASE steps, and any changes in him that are sustained after the step.  We welcome all support, prayers and positive interest in our endeavor!