Sunday, June 24, 2012

Helium Rocks!

I understand that the Helium homeopathic remedy is not too well known or widely used; however, there is some evidence of its successful use for children with autism.  My eight-year-old son Dante so far appears to be yet another happy beneficiary of this remedy’s power.
Dante, today

A little over six weeks ago I switched Dante from the Lycopodium remedy he was taking to Helium, as had been recommended a while back by my homeopath.  I feel what happened next is a great example of Homeopathy’s power to heal.  Within two weeks of the dose Dante’s terrible seizures basically vanished into thin air.  This change was pretty dramatic after four months of partial improvement using the Modified Atkins Diet for seizures.  After the Helium dose my sweet boy became strong, very coordinated on his feet, and began vocalizing lots.  During the weeks since we have been rediscovering our son as he rediscovers the world around him.  As I prayed so hard that he would be:  Dante has been freed. 

The Benefits of Helium in Dante

Here are the changes I have observed since Dante began taking Helium:
  • More energy – this was the most notable change, the day after the first dose
  • Seizure fluctuations (some were stronger episodes) accompanied by a rapid decline in seizure frequency, reaching zero in two weeks
  • Much more physical strength (probably benefited from the decline in seizures)
  • No drooling
  • Great stability on his feet
  • Great interest in the world around him
  • He’s back to making his wishes understood, using PECs (Picture Exchange System), signs, and approximating words
  • He’s very loving and appreciative – giving hugs and kisses all around
  • Interested in other’s (different) foods
  • Very healthy
I provide this information as additional evidence of what this remedy may do when given to the person with the matching characteristics.  Some information on the remedy has been posted within this forum, which is where I got the details on it.  Although its use for autistic children is what triggered the recommendation for Dante, when I read about the essence of the remedy, I found interesting the mention of people who become complete “zombies” after lots of medication.  That is pretty much what Dante had become on his anti-seizure medications.  I believe this is another way the remedy “matched” Dante during this time.  On the other hand, Dante’s continued health will tell us whether or not this is really a good remedy match for him at this time.  If he relapses into seizures, we will need to pursue another route.  So far I am seeing an overwhelmingly positive reaction and I plan to enjoy it fully.  This is way better than medication.  It’s already been almost a month seizure free!

Help for Everyone

I was lucky to learn about the first thing that helped Dante with his seizures:  the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures.  This was not recommended by Dante’s doctor, but it was what I preferred for his treatment.  Dante’s doctor, an epileptologist, actually encouraged us to have him on three different medications to try to control his seizures.

Dante, medicated for seizures
The community in the Yahoo Group “modifiedAtkins __ seizures” is full of angels helping one another in the journey to heal seizures.  People from all over the world are joining in to learn how to use the diet and to be able to get their children (or themselves) off of seizure medications.  This group follows the guidelines developed by Dr. Eric Kossoff of Johns Hopkins in Maryland, and author of Ketogenic Diets:  Treatment for Epilepsy and other Disorders book.  This book (Fifth Edition) is a great introduction to the diets and how they are used to not just improve, but oftentimes heal seizures in children.  The Yahoo group shares what works for the different children; for many families it is the only source of expert advice for the diet. 

Dante, today
Spreading the Word

Not a day goes by without me giving thanks to God for working this miracle in Dante.  Seizures are brutal to any family -- and the child loses all his freedom of movement and much of his zest for life.  The healing journey was started with the MAD diet and the turnaround happened with homeopathy.  I thank both methods and the incredible support I have found in the other parents in the Yahoo group and in our homeopaths.  Nothing gives more joy than to see our loved ones improve, and to be part of a world community that shares that knowledge for the benefit of all.


Janice said...

I'm so happy to hear that Dante continues to do so well. You have worked so hard, mama. I'm so happy for Dante and for you and your family.

Mom Connected said...

Thank you, Janice! I thank God for my little miracle every day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your Helium story! You provide such great detail.

Hooray for Dante's recovery!

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for your feedback and celebration! It is very motivating for me to continue sharing our story.


Lucia alonso said...

Wow, wow, wow! Amazing! Pictures speak louder than words! Dante looks so present, I'm sooooooo happy for Dante and you. This is awesome news, keep going little man, keep healing!

Mom Connected said...

Thank you tons, Lucy! You sure have been an inspiration for us to keep pushing for more progress and more healing! God Bless you, your husband, and your three little ones!

Brianna Lomba Hall said...

I have read your blog in the past and I am just SO happy for you that you have found a remedy that has stopped your son's seizures!!!! I cannot really express my enthusiasm through typing, but I really am so happy for you even though we don't know each other. My family is also being treated with homeopathy. I have a blog that is just in the beginning phases called "Healing With Heilkunst" if you are interested. My son is on the spectrum, but starting a regular preschool program without any help thanks to the magic of homeopathy, diet, and a few remarkable supplements. Take care!! Brianna

Mom Connected said...

Thank you so much for your note, Brianna! You know how it feels for our children to make gains, and how much their quality of life can improve. Like you, I deeply feel homeopathy has been a blessing for us. I know my husband and I have survived in one piece because our remedies help us so much. Dante is a work-in-progress, so every note I get is more motivation to continue to help him. I will look for your blog, thank you so much for sharing!!!