Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thimerosal Clearing turns Dante's hands "ON"

Dante holds the pony's reins!
We have had a little bit of everything this Summer:  one homeopathic clearing, losing molars, getting Ringworm, detox, constipation, and last but certainly not least, grand-mal seizures.

Dante’s seizures had stopped last May 28, 2012, and I was sure hoping and praying for the same pattern this year.  No such luck.  Despite that, my main goal for the Summer was for Dante to begin using his hands more as this is a huge limitation for him.  Not that the gods would grant that wish directly, though!  We’ve gone through so much to get some of that progress.  Oh, but progress we are seeing!!!!  I will summarize with the hope that someone out there can gain some wisdom from our experience…