Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Detox with Glutathione

Detox, detox, detox.  I’m as bored writing about detox as some may be reading about it.  It seems I blame everything on detox and it doesn’t seem to go away.  That was where I left off last time I posted.  I have better news this time-- finally!
Dante uses his hands...

My focus these last few weeks has been to find a way to help Dante with his detox.  This is crucial for children whose bodies don’t handle toxins efficiently like the rest of us.  I know each homeopathic clearing is helping Dante get rid of toxic imprints, but what helps him flush these out?  What supports his body while it works on healing?  I have tried different things (Activated Charcoal, Vitamin C, Enhansa, etc.) that only make the process worse for Dante.  In comes Glutathione.

So what is Glutathione?  Only:

Years ago Dante used a Glutathione cream prescribed by his first Autism Doctor, but I did not notice many changes.  A couple of months ago, my friend who blogs here, Raising a Sensitive Child, encouraged me to try this particular Glutathione formula with Dante.  The difference between this formula and the one I had originally used is that this one provides the components to help the body manufacture the Glutathione, a much more efficient approach to increasing Glutathione levels.  

After much thought and deliberation, I decided to try the Rob Keller's Original Glutathione Formula on Dante -- in teeny doses, with several days in between each dose.  I noticed right away that on those days that Dante got the Glutathione, he was much happier than on days he did not get it.  Then he got a runny nose that lasted 6 days.  This is very uncommon for Dante who never gets colds and, when he does, they last 2 days.  I concluded that this was the Glutathione working to get rid of a virus.  Still, I noticed that the discomfort I had been seeing for weeks, associated to the dreaded detox, was much better:

Dante can now tolerate a car ride without a tantrum with head-banging (you can imagine why this is at the top of my list)
Dante is eating well
Dante’s BMs is very regular and dense
Dante is very tolerant overall and joyous overall
However, this was not necessarily happening on those days Dante did not get the Glutathione.  On top of that, there were the comments from Dante’s teacher:
  • Dante has been very relaxed and comfortable lately
  • Very calm, great mood
  • Awesome eye contact, eyes wide open!
  • Hands are more relaxed, fingers spread wide
  • Bending down to pick things up, instead of sitting on floor
  • Very attentive, not fidgeting during work – great focus!
  • Allowing more hand-over-hand work

After this feedback I decided to give Dante the Glutathione every day.  The first thing that happened was that the “cold” stopped.  After that point, Dante has been happy every single day.  Hooray! 

I now believe the Glutathione is a crucial team-player in Dante’s healing.  It is apparent that Dante has a lot of need to detox, but has a very hard time with it.  If he is to have other clearing experiences triggered by homeopathy, I envision the Glutathione as one key component in making this process a happy one.  The difference in Dante is unbelievable.

One crucial point here is the amount of the Glutathione dose.  Although the recommended starting dose is one capsule, to be increased about once a week, I started Dante on less than a smidgen, and we’re up to 2/3 of a smidgen daily at this point.  I’m not in a rush, but I will continue to increase it as needed.

What's a smidgen?  a tiny but measurable amount!

Oh, but that is not all.  What about the seizures?  Well, I believe achieving effective detox will greatly contribute to healing Dante’s seizures.  Here are the other things I have implemented to help him get back to seizure control:
  • Increased fat intake – as part of the Modified Atkins for Seizures, this is the key step to take when seizures return
  • Increased Vitamin D3 to 5000IU – some parents have noticed that their children’s seizures return in the Fall, after their accumulated Vitamin D3 from the Summer wears out.  I can’t help but think that this impacted Dante as well.
  • Minerals to prevent dehydration  -- Another component that I have noticed is that detox also causes varying degrees of dehydration.  When Dante dehydrates I notice seizures increase.  So the other ingredient I am maintaining as part of this “team” is the Quinton Isotonic.  This has been super effective in keeping Dante hydrated and more stable.  It makes him very happy.  So I’ve been giving him ½ a vial every morning.  Here is my other friend’s experience with the Quinton and her beloved son.

So at this point, Dante is way happier than when I last posted.  His energy this morning was amazing.  His eyes are open big and so bright and cheerful.  He looks at me lovingly and pats my arm gently when we hug.  He’s just so much more comfortable -- Thank Goodness. 
Dante riding the Mall train yesterday.
Last time we went he was so uncomfortable he refused to get on.
I’m praying that all these steps, plus the increasingly sunny days, eliminate his seizures (which are very mild at this point, but has several every day) and keep him healthy and growing.  Thank you for sharing with us in this journey, and may you be experiencing hopeful progress in your own.


Janice said...

Hi Mari: So happy to hear how well Dante is doing on the glutathione!!

He sounds so happy. Yay, yay, yay!

Great big hugs,

Unknown said...

I have been reading your blog for some time and I am excited to see the progress Dante is having! I am new to this therapy. We have recently started CEASE with our son and I would love if you could stop by my blog and give me your thoughts/advice. Thank you again for your blog!

Anita said...

Hi... I would like to follow your blog, but I'm not sure how to. Is there a link or something? Thank you!
Anita (mother of 2 year old autistic daughter, interested in CEASE)

Mom Connected said...

Hi Noahs Mom!

Thank you for sharing Noah's blog with me. My most important thoughts for our children in CEASE are:
1. Diet is key to help your child and will make CEASE more efficient. My research has led me to focus on the Specific Carbohydrates diet and the Paleo diet as the healthiest and most balanced for our kids -- low healthy carb with healthy fats for the brain.
2. Support for dehydration is crucial as detox is dehydrating: coconut water or homemade electrolyte water and key basic vitamins+ probiotics. Glutathione has been a godsend for Dante -- even though he takes very little it has changed his world tremendously.
Please email me if you need more information or advice - I'm delighted to help!

Mom Connected said...

Hi Anita!

Maybe you can help me test the Followers feature! I just added it to the blog -- you can +1 the site and see if you show up as a follower. I can also add your email to the list of people that get an email whenever I post -- let me know if you would like that...

I invite you to read through my posts in case there is past information there that would be helpful for you. Please let me know if you need anything else.


Anonymous said...

Hello M, I like your honest blog. thank might be interested to join the Facebook group Diets for Epilepsy to share your story and hear from others on a similar journey - and hear from some who have actually made it! there is lots of info there too. well done for being such a great mum! x

Mom Connected said...

Thank you for your message and suggestion, Anonymous! I belong to a Yahoo Group for the Modified Atkins for Seizures and have learned lots from them. I closed my Facebook account a while back because it was taking too much of my time in petty commentary. I guess I haven't been exposed to some of its benefits! :-) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, so happy to read of your sons positive progress! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for reviews of RK's Original Glutathione Formula. I've been battling OCD for a few years now and glutathione supplementation has been suggested to me. Is your son still on this or other glutathione formulas? Not sure if your son had OCD tendencies, but if so, did it help? Wishing you and your son the best. :)

Mom Connected said...

Hi Anonymous: Thank you for your post. I apologize for the long time to respond but Dante keeps me pretty busy. We are now following Kerri Rivera's protocol for Dante which is not compatible with antioxidants, so he's not using the Glutathione. I'm using it however and I love the energy and focus I get from it. Obviously, watching my intake of sugar and gluten helps a lot along those lines.
I suggest you research Kerri Rivera's protocol as it targets OCD as well. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Hello Dear
are you seeing any results/improvement with kerri's protocole?
i have 3 children with autism and i tried CD for my younger for over a month wothout any improvement.
I then just stopped as it was too exasting.
I now am using OGF by Dr Keller for my younger(less than a week) and immunocal whey protein(also glutathione) for my 6 yrs old son.
I will be posting any improvement i see with these products.

Also i started diet for past 6 weeks and see some humour and awareness in my 6 yrs old son who is mildly effected by autism.
I advice all parets to do an ATEC so you know how much your child is effected by autism.

Mom Connected said...

Hi S Khan, we are currently focused on helping my son detox. He always has a hard time detoxing no matter the protocol so we have stopped all protocols and are focusing just on that. I have only good things to say about Glutathione and diet so I hope it works for you.