Sunday, August 28, 2011

Prevnar Clearing Continued

Dante manages the Prevnar aggravation with an Epsom salt bath
The Prevnar Clearing continues, with Prevnar 10M the last potency- coming next.  Dante has been so happy and well behaved with this remedy!  However, he is aggravated on the second and third day after the remedy.  He is fussy on and off, sleeps more, has had some pretty toxic/yeasty BMs, and his seizures increase in frequency.
This week I began giving him calcium for reasons explained further down.  I am pretty amazed at how connected and verbal he has been.  Dante occasionally says a word here or there, but this week these have increased in frequency.  He has also been understanding commands and communicating his needs so well.  That has made me very happy.  Some stories of Dante this week:
  • This week was the first time ever that Dante has looked at me from his seat in the school bus; he blew kisses to say goodbye!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Re-starting the Prevnar clear

I am happy to report that things seem to be improving for Dante.  I have been optimistic because his overall wellbeing and his behavior have been so awesome since we were using the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  On the other hand, the numerous seizures hes been having have been very depressing.  We finished the hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy for now, and I am hopeful because the total number of daily seizures has gone down.

Riding the mall train this weekend

A week ago I gave Dante the first dose of Prevnar 200c (for more information on the dangers associated with this vaccine which we are clearing, please see the bottom of the post).  He became fussy a little while after, and then went down for a nap.  He woke up from the nap super happy and energized, and that pretty much describes what Dante has been like since then.  He has been On, very aware.  He was very resistant to putting on his helmet and also very resistant to taking his medications.  He is more aware when the medicine is coming and will quickly move his head to avoid the spoon.  His eye contact has been great and persistent; and his eyes are very aligned.  I believe that the hyperbaric oxygen chamber helped him in these same areas (except for the eye alignment), but I saw an even greater shift after the Prevnar dose. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dante and the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber really helps with sleep!
During the last few weeks we have had a rented Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at home to use with Dante.  His autism specialist recommended it as something that should benefit him.  I was hoping that it would help with his seizures, but that is not what we have seen.  However, if I forget about the seizures for a moment, I must admit that Dante has been doing very well on every other front.

One important detail is that during the time we have used the chamber Dante has not been doing any vaccine clearing, so he hasn’t had any discomfort associated with that.  The oxygen has provoked detox, but I am amazed at how well Dante has been doing despite that.  I have written quite a bit about how hard detoxing is for Dante, so this time it has been very different.  Here’s the list of what I have observed with the use of the oxygen chamber: