Oxygen Therapy

We used the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for 30 sessions lasting 1.5 hours each.  This treatment is truly healing.  I was in it with Dante and can say how relaxed and happy it made me.  It really helps with sleep.  Most of all, I am delighted to see that this really helped Dante's digestive system.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber – July 2011
Improvements Observed

- Not sure if this increased the seizures or not
- Some yeast die-off, very manageable

+ More use of his hands!!!  - Dante was holding the reins of the pony and holding a kick board during swimming
+ Enjoying more complex books
+ Great eye contact
+ Tolerating more foods!
+ Awesome sleep!
+ Awesome behavior
+ Reduced Headbanging
+ Very Happy
+ Fast healing of any bruises