Notice Dante's distended belly
The second vaccine clearing we did was MMR.  Dante reacted strongly to this vaccine clearing, especially to the two higher potencies (1M and 10M).  His strong reaction makes sense given the many digestive and yeast problems he's had through the years, as this vaccine has been associated with digestive problems in children.  After the remedy aggravations passed, the changes in him have been numerous, noticeable, and have remained.  We decided to repeat this vaccine clearing because of all the benefits we’ve seen for Dante.
I list the summary of aggravations experienced, with the most common aggravations first.  These aggravations were observed anywhere from the day after the dose to about three days after the dose.
The improvements observed are much more noticeable the further we get from the aggravations.  It has been so wonderful to see this, even though Dante does regress somewhat for a few days every time we give him the remedy.  But that is part of the process, so we will be patient!

Link to Summary of the risks of the MMR vaccine

1st MMR Clear
Improvements Observed
- He became very angry and desperate (with headbanging) when waiting to eat
- He has become very uncomfortable about 1/2 hour after some meals, pain lasts a few minutes.
 - Spitting out food often
- Drooling, biting shirt
- One huge diarrhea BM, many creamy BMs.  
- Very itchy eczema on wrist
- Some mild seizures during the morning
- Huge appetite, waking up early to eat
- Some long naps (~2-3 hrs), more tired than usual
- Warmer hands (his hands are usually cold)
- Some hyperactivity and wanting to grab everything
- Yawn-like symptoms – needing more oxygen (this was after the 1M potency and stopped shortly after)

+ Super happy and energetic
+ Paying attention to directions and sitting quietly and calmly more frequently
+ He is using more short sentences here and there, always appropriately.
+ He responds immediately when called!
+ Good eye contact and consistently improved eye alignment
+ Looking at everything with more interest
+ Great initiative shown at pool
+ Report from school for most days was “Great Working today!”
+ Sleep is very regular, not waking up in the middle of the night
+ Considerably less peeing overnight
+ His BMs are now perfect pretty much constantly!  The vegetarian diet really did the trick here.
+ Headbanging is reduced and is pretty consistent, which means he is feeling more stable
+ Dante is seldom crashing into me or headbanging me on the back.

2nd MMR Clear - June 2011
Improvements Observed
- Several days of bad die-off after 1M, eating little, lots of headbanging and one huge tantrum
- Not as desperately hungry as with the first MMR clearing
- He has become very uncomfortable about 1/2 hour after some meals, pain lasts a few minutes.
- Spitting out food continues
-Many creamy BMs, also many yeasty BMs
- Some short periods of very sad crying.
- A few mild seizures during the morning
- Some cough - in the morning
- Thick mucus from nose, only during the morning
- Blowing raspberries/bubbles with saliva
- Itchy eczema on his wrist - minimal compared to 1st round, no bleeding

NOTE:  Some of these improvements may also have been caused by change to a vegetarian diet

+ Stomach is not distended!
+ Drooling is greatly reduced!
+ Feet not smelly!
+ Much calmer than usual, patient, and tolerant
+ Many Great Days overall
+ Very connected, loving and communicative.
+ Appropriate words continue when not aggravated
+ Requesting preferred music: Beatles over more childish Raffi songs!
+ Laughing when being naughty and reprimanded
+ Sleeping 11 hours straight at night!!!