Sunday, September 18, 2011

What have we accomplished?

Dante on the pony, last week
This week has been mixed, with Dante performing well in school while having detox symptoms, plus the seizures also continue.  I don’t have many details from school because the teacher did not have time to write me, but she did say “lots of work today” and that there were “many reasons to celebrate”.  I wish I had more details!

Right now we are trying Dante’s constitutional remedy, Lycopodium Clavatum 1M, to see if it helps decrease the seizures.  We will have to wait and see.

I know Dante has been detoxing after completing the Prevnar clearing:  he is eating less, drinking lots, peeing more, drooling again (this had stopped and I hope it’s only temporary), and has darker circles under his eyes.  However, it is amazing how much better he is coping during this period.  This used to be horrible before we did the vaccine clearings and now Dante is much more tolerant while he is detoxing. 

With that in mind I thought I would do a pause and recount the lasting improvements Dante has had since we started the vaccine clearings in January 2011.  This sort of review is what keeps me motivated to continue!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finishing up the Prevnar Clearing – more good surprises

Dante is ready to pick the 'different' object, notice his gaze
This week was exciting because Dante continued to be connected in the ways we enjoyed last week.  That is not usual at all, he has always been very inconsistent.  I’ve always felt that he knew much more than he demonstrated, but I could not prove it to his teachers because he was never consistent at school.  This week that changed!

I’m pretty sure there are many words Dante is able to read, or at least identify visually.  I decided to test him on this.  I showed him 3 words, each printed on a different piece of paper:  apple, pear, and banana.  I asked him, “where does it say apple?”, and he picked it correct.  I asked him, “Where does it say banana?”, and he also picked it correct.  I know he’s not familiar with “pear”, so I read it to him and spelled it as well.  Next I wanted to try something a little harder, so I presented the words sun, moon, and rain.  I know he knows sun and moon, so I asked him, “Where does it say rain?”  and Dante picked correctly!  What I also loved so much was that he celebrated quite a bit getting the answer right.  From there on I asked him to identify his dad’s name, my name, etc., all from three choices, and he got those all right.  That was very encouraging.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Prevnar 10M

The Prevnar 10m dose made Dante very calm and the Prevnar remedy in general has given him a longer attention span.  He has enjoyed very long walks with me without becoming fussy, we have read books for up to an hour, and today, to my surprise, he answered many questions for me without becoming tired.  I asked him different questions and presented two answer choices in papers in each of my hands.  Dante answered very well, including the questions:  Where does Grandma live? (Puerto Rico) and where does Dante live?

Words continue!  He was not feeling well on Monday and clearly told the teacher he wanted to, “Go Home”, poor baby!  But he made himself understood!  I was very proud.  He also said “Computer” when it was his turn to work on the computer at school.  Last year he only spoke at school once, so this is great.  He was sensitive to water on Thursday and said, “No, Go! No, Go!” when in the bath.  Plus he used his Proloquo2go to let me know his tooth hurt, so that got pulled out right away.