Saturday, October 12, 2013

Connecting the Dots...

This past Summer, waiting for horseback riding to begin...
Oh, boy, where to begin?

I’ve put so much of my thought process into this blog and it doesn’t cease to amaze me how I happen to be in analysis mode continuously.  Even at an unconscious level, I am always thinking about how Dante is doing and why he is feeling this way today.  It is constant, unstoppable.  Doesn’t that pretty much happen to all parents of children with autism?

And there are so many variables!  It is overwhelming!

So I will back up to mid-Summer and tell you about the dots I have recently connected...

Some months back I was catching up with my dear friend Lucy, who has worked so hard on her son’s awesome recovery.  Lucy knows everyone and everything that has ever been invented to help children with autism.  She is the source.  Anyway at some point during our conversation she mentioned Kombucha, which is a fermented drink, and I asked her about that and she told me about the GAPs diet.  She then paused and said that, given Dante’s history of gastrointestinal issues, maybe I should consider the GAPs diet for him.  I had read about the diet before, but decided to give it a second look.

The book to read if you want to learn about GAPS is GAPS Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, a neurologist and neurosurgeon.  In the chapter on Epilepsy, the doctor discusses the different diets used for seizures, including the Ketogenic, the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures and the Low Glycemic Index Treatment.  I would like to share some quotes from her book on this topic (the underlined part was marked by me):

It is still considered to be a mystery how the ketogenic diet works.  The initial assumption that it is the ketone bodies that reduce the seizure activity proved to be wrong, as the level of ketones does not correlate with an anticonvulsant effect.  It appears that ketone bodies are just used by the brain as an energy source while the body is dealing with the real cause of the seizures.  In my opinion, what unites all these diets is the low carbohydrate content, in particular the exclusion of heavy starchy complex carbohydrates.  The GAPS diet does the same:  all starch and complex carbohydrates are removed…carbohydrates, particularly starch and refined sugars, feed pathogens in the body:  in the gut and everywhere else.  By severely restricting carbohydrates in the diet the activity of pathogens in the body is also severely restricted

From the beginning of its existence, the “side effect” of GAPS Nutritional Protocol in many of my patients was the disappearance of fits, seizures, tics, spasms, and involuntary movements, whether truly epileptic or not….My clinical experience has led me to a simple conclusion:  the majority of epileptic seizures are the result of two factors, which work in combination: 
1.  Damaged gut wall…lets in a plethora of very toxic substances that reach the brain and trigger seizures…
2.  Nutritional deficiencies…

This book is the first to connect for me the gastrointestinal issues Dante has always had and his seizures.  We have been on the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures for over a year and his seizures had stopped, only to return eight months later.  What are we missing?

After reading this book I introduced into Dante’s diet the liquid from Sauerkraut – as a probiotic that goes deep into his gut, and re-introduced bone broth at every meal – as a way to multiply the good bacteria consistently.  I call that the “good armies” or the “Resistance” against the bad bacteria.  I also wondered if there were neurologists out there who would be able to advise me directly on Dante’s diet and its relationship with his seizures.

I found such a doctor, a neurologist, who gave me a lot of information on how to feed Dante to heal his brain.  Among multiple things, the doctor recommended water enemas, and to use several after a BM to clean out the intestine.  If I found anything suspicious, anything that looked like a worm, I should email a photo for the doctor to evaluate. 

During our second appointment, among other things, the doctor recommended I buy a product called Biofilm Defense.  What is interesting is what I found when I went to purchase Biofilm Defense in Amazon.  On that same page Amazon alleges that Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…and right below that is the book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, by Kerri Rivera.

Yet another book about Autism? I thought.  Until I began reading the customer reviews.  Almost all the reviews are from parents who have followed the protocol in this book and achieved remarkable and measured improvement in their kids with Autism.  Even young adults had improved dramatically.  Young Adults.  Even kids with seizures!  That’s unheard of.  I just haven’t heard of any other approach that delivers this level of results.  But what else had me convinced?  Well, again this book continues to connect the dots between the gut and Dante’s seizures.  Here’s a quote from the book:

I have talked to many different professionals about seizures and in turn have heard just as many different opinions on why this happens.  Many doctors are unsure, while some simply don’t express their opinions.  Some say it is a virus in the brain or heavy metals, inflammation, or pathogens/parasites.  In a presentation by Andreas Kalcker, he stated that high levels of ammonia in the body can cause seizures and the high levels of ammonia in the body come from parasites.

The book includes a parasite protocol which is highly effective for seizures.  This book also discusses all the other autism characteristics that it addresses, which I won’t go into now.  The author uses the ATEC score to determine if a child can be considered “recovered”.  An ATEC score less than 10 means the child is not considered autistic.  Kerri Rivera has recorded 103 kids (up to today) who have achieved an ATEC score below 10 following this protocol.  Dante, my friends, has an ATEC score of 99.  We have some work to do.

So far I knew about the importance of diet, then I learned that the pathogens in the body could be causing the seizures, then I learned that those pathogens could actually be parasites inside my son – giving off ammonia which is what causes the seizures.  To make a long story short, I began following this protocol gently with Dante several weeks ago and we are already finding worms in his stool! 

Today he said “Dadda” when he saw his dad for the first time.  And when offered his new remedy, which he did not want to take, he said, “All gone!”.  Words that we hadn’t heard for so long are returning – and staying.  The difference between a protocol and a good protocol is how fast it can heal and how sustained the healing is.  The beauty in this one is how many so called “non-responders” have responded to it.  Those are the most difficult cases to heal. The clinical experiences following Kerri Rivera’s protocol show evidence of both fast and sustained healing.  I couldn’t believe it when I read the stories.  We will see how it goes for Dante.

So late Friday I’m returning to my desk at work and my phone rings.  I did not recognize the phone number.  I answered and was so surprised to hear the neurologist I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  A doctor calling to follow up on Dante?  I’m not used to that at all!  I was very pleasantly surprised.  The doctor asked about Dante and I said I had gotten worms out of him.  Worms!?  How did you do that?  I sent the doctor the worm pictures and Roundworm as well as others were confirmed.  Through the pictures the doctor realized that I had found and was following Kerri Rivera’s protocol.  I had not mentioned this protocol to the doctor as I felt I was “cheating” the doctor’s direction.  To my surprise, once I was “caught” using the protocol, all the doctor said was:  “God Bless You”.  The doctor was so happy for me.  The doctor had wanted for me to find this protocol but could not recommend it as it is not part of the acceptable medical practice. 

I feel I got the most unexpected confirmation that we are on the right track.  I will post more later about how it is going.  Meanwhile, I highly recommend you get this book.  It will very probably help someone you love.

You may find more information here:


Unknown said...

This post made me cry!!!! I just started reading the Rivera book too and have been interested in hearing real stories about success. I am soooo happy for you guys and for Dante!!!! You and Dante are in my thoughts and prayers!

Mom Connected said...

That is SO COOL, Noah's Mom!!!! Isn't it fantastic to connect with others who have found the same solutions? Thank you so much for your positive message. I wish the best for your Noah!!!

Mom Connected said...

If you haven't seen the video testimonials on the site, I highly recommend them. But the real-time stories are being told in the Facebook group where all the parents are discussing how their kids are doing and are also showing pictures of what they are finding in the poop! Highly recommended, it is a very positive environment.

Janice said...

Mari, I loved reading this post.

I am so touched by hearing that Dante said "Dadda" for the first time. Wow! How absolutely amazing and wonderful. My heart is so full to hear this news.

And, I love that you have found such a wonderful neurologist!!!!! One who actually calls! We have a surgeon who does the same thing -- calls us, rather than asking his assistant to call.

I love that your doctor said, "God bless you", in response to finding out that you are using Kerri Rivera's protocol. I get goosebumps thinking about it. Such wonderful and unexpected confirmation.

You are doing such great things with Dante, the GAPS diet, sauerkraut and bone broth. I'm not familiar with what's all involved with Kerri's protocol, but two years ago, I used MMS with Moses for ~ a year or so.

I'm so happy to hear this update. I do think of you and Dante often. Have you read the book, The Spark? Dante often came to my mind when I read this book.

Much love,

Mom Connected said...

Thank you always for your kind words and support, Janice! You are so on the cutting edge; I should not be surprised you were on to MMS 2 years ago!

You know, I didn't think there could be anything revolutionary for me to learn in yet ANOTHER autism book! I was thrilled to read about Kerri's relentless investigation to truly heal her son and help her clients. She has awesome connections around the world that have helped her connect the dots and she is so realistic about the fact that this protocol is a work-in-progress and is fine-tuned as she learns from so many families' experiences. I love that she hounded Jim Humble to come up with a milder approach to use the product with children. Kerri's a homeopath so her approach is minimalistic, which I also appreciate immensely.

I went out and read about The Spark. What an interesting story! I will add that to my book queue!

Thanks for staying connected Janice!

Anonymous said...

My son is one of the 103, he is actually #14 in her book.

Mom Connected said...

Anonymous: thank you for sharing that your son is one of those recovered. Every recovery is a testimony of the potential this protocol holds for so many children and their families!

autismismysuperpower said...

Have you started Kerri's protocol or do you plan to?

Mom Connected said...

Yes. Read my latest post... :-)

xShelbyx said...

How is he doing currently on the protocol? Any updates? Also, can u go into more details about the diet and supplement? Is he taking things besides the mms? And are u also doing the expensive ocean water?

xShelbyx said...

Btw, I'm happy for ur success

Mom Connected said...

Hi Shelby!

Please go to my latest post for our latest update on the protocol...

We've definitely had a rougher time since the last full moon. Dante has been hyper at night and sleeping less. He's also had seizures after getting CD in too many forms (too much detox has always been a seizure trigger for him). Our neuro is helping us curb that. On the good side, his behavior has been awesome and he's answering questions at school from word choices (like at home) rather than pictures. The teacher switched the answers around and verified that my boy meant what he picked! That was a huge win for us.

As far as diet, I follow a lot of the SCD, GAPs and Modified Atkins for Seizures. I don't want to feed the parasites and I need lots of good fat to prevent seizures. Also the fermented foods (specifically the Sauerkraut liquid) have been very beneficial for Dante. Please read up on these diets as they share a lot in common.

I started buying the Quinton Isotonic Ocean Water but that gets too expensive. I am now buying Vortex Ocean Water which comes from Mexico and is more affordable. The Ocean Water has been a HUGE factor in making this protocol possible. The CD kind of drains your system and the OW energizes it and prevents dehydration. It is crucial for Dante to prevent seizures and also to guarantee he goes to the bathroom.

Dante takes vitamin D3 and zinc to prevent colds. The rest of what he takes is what Kerri recommends within the protocol and to prevent seizures, so it is pretty minimal. Most other supplements feed the parasites so they should be stopped prior to starting. Also, when you consult with Kerri, she recommends you focus on some few specific supplements, basically telling you which are the most important ones.

I highly recommend you join the Facebook group and read what the different families around the world are saying - questions similar to yours abound. It is a great place to get excited and to hear the real stories of how it goes, since it varies so much for each child. Another reader from here jumped on and her child is way ahead. It was a treat to find out later that she had read about Kerri Rivera right here!!! Spread the love, I say!

Cheers! said...

Hi! Just stopping in to say thanks so much for putting more information out there for all of us moms on the autism journey. My son is four years old and on the spectrum but doing wonderfully after two and a half years of traditional and alternative therapies. My homeopath actually made a homeopathic remedy of CD according to Kerri Rivera's protocol, in an attempt to try a slightly more gentle version of CD. It has given us great results (parasite eggs in my son's stool followed by HUGE leaps in language and social skills). I am meeting with her again on Friday but we will probably do another round of it given how awesome it's been in getting him to the next level of social and language skills. There were some detox reactions such as increased stimming here and there and some insomnia but it was hard to be discouraged by them when seeing the major improvements in all other areas. And luckily, the detox symptoms passed. So yes, let's spread the love! p.s. I'll be writing more about the protocol we are using on my blog. Trying to get more of our story out there too. Here's to healing!

drrekhasri said...

My god hearing the stories of these children make me cry whether in blogs or in my clinic. You are all amazing true warriors. Hats off.