The Prevnar vaccine is the third clearing we're doing.  The aggravations have been quite mild and the benefits very very valuable.

Prevnar – August 2011
Improvements Observed

- Increased seizures a few days into the dose
- Threw up once, after first dose of Prevnar 30c
- Very itchy eczema on wrist
- A few short but very angry tantrums
- Some sadness and crying

+ More willingness to work
+ Longer attention span!!!
+ Considerable reduction in his headbanging
+ Overall non-verbal communication is very good, he’s looking into my eyes and smiling with much more connection and understanding
+ Saw me from school bus and threw kisses goodbye – now does it every day
+ Words are being used on a daily basis now, in different situations in English or Spanish
+ Mouth is closed more often and there is very little drooling
+ More frequently letting me know he is ready to go to sleep or he needs to go potty
+ Eye contact is even more prolonged and eyes are very aligned
+ Better at letting me know what is hurting him
+ Super happy and energetic